The Ascension Process

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But the ascension process relates to the response aspect of law, so that the individual is definitely connected up with the centering of being; for the focalization is the core of being, or the center of being, for that which is contained within the creative field, and the process of ascension is constant, and the process of expanding differentiation is constant.

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker

The Ascension Process

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

Four days ago, scientists released an image of Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Its mass is four million times the mass of the sun, and it has a massive gravitational pull.

Under a telescope, a black hole seems to be almost nothing except for its effect on the space around it. And yet, the entire Milky Way galaxy is circling Sagittarius A*, including us on Planet Earth.

Here is a galactic representation of what is transpiring for each of us as human beings. There is the center of our being. It has massive power. Yet we cannot see inside it.

Our creative field—the galaxy of our existence—revolves around this power at our core. And what is at our core is constantly manifesting in our field.

The activating power at the center of being causes our creative field to vibrate. Its gravity draws energy into itself. And the energy from our core radiates into our field.

Attunement is the process of conscious harmonization with this process. It is intuitive discernment of these energies within our bodies, between other people and us, and in the world of our existence.

With conscious harmonization—a deep mindfulness practice that tunes into these primal creative realities—their power begins to operate more and more fully in our human experience.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Creative Imagination

Imagination plays a vital role in the practice of Attunement and in the life of Attunement practitioners.
Without imagination, a person is often unable to see anything other than the facts of what is. They can’t see what could be.

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2 years ago

The activating power at the center of being causes our creative field to vibrate. Its gravity draws energy into itself. And the energy from our core radiates into our field.

What amazing creations we are!

2 years ago

Whilst in my meditation the body feeling disappears and my consciousness becomes even more activated. The body continues to function even though the consciousness is ‘Out There’. We seem to enter into a black hole in meditation and yet we then become ‘One’ with it and part of the Whole of it and as Jane says of the in and out and the up and down side to side we are all at ‘One’ with all its movements too.

The ascension process for me is allowing my body to become less mobile in meditation almost ‘dead like’, yet it’s still functioning. It is through this practice that I come to appreciate that I can die bodily yet I will still be consciously alive as all my conscious activity is in fact invisible after all. I will never die because I am not of my body.

The ascension process also allows me to appreciate and value LIFE that I know when I come out of meditation, bodily I can experience a grounded reality where the senses I have honed are vital to my being able to physically love, see, feel, smell and touch. These practical ascension experiences come to enrich my Super Nature and my Consciousness activity both awake, in my living and in my meditation.

I am blessed to feel and to have found the beauty of Ascension in this lifetime and hope in many more lifetimes to come, in all the dimensions, time zones and all the worlds I find myself. Ascension isn’t a black hole it’s a gateway to NEW LIFE, it’s nothing to fear either is is after all Birth too.

Jane Anetrini
Jane Anetrini
2 years ago

The movement of energy in and out, out and in, up and down, is beyond mental comprehension at the level of linear thinking. At a vibrational level where there is union with the cosmic realities, we might say “of course”. The galaxy of our existence is a home, a mansion with many rooms, waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

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