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This Week’s Quotation:

We recognize that with proper polarity, proper response, that which is not in order round about us, that which is of any malfunction, maladjustment, beyond the range of the conscious mind to correct as such, would simply produce, automatically, a pressure pattern causing vibrational factors to penetrate more deeply or higher—whatever term might be most easily understood—into the vibratory fields of the mind, so that it would connect up with the inner factors of mind. If the outer mind, or the conscious mind, as we ordinarily think of it, becomes bothered, breaks the pattern of polarity, the pressure factors which are necessary to the processes of connecting up never reach to the level of mind that would be in position to take care of the problem.

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker

Connecting Up With the Inner Factors of Mind

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

Do you ever experience any mental tension? Or mental stress? I do.

It is so easy to judge oneself for having such experiences. As if there was something unnatural or unhealthy about having them. But given the world as it is, what else was going to happen?

I’m not suggesting we should focus on what goes wrong in the world around us. But it is not as if there is no war, tragedy, or destruction going on. In light of all those factors, near and far, are we really supposed to experience no mental stress?

Lloyd Arthur Meeker was known for writing and speaking in long sentences. The excerpt here is no exception. But he is saying something profound that I haven’t heard anyplace else.

Reading it carefully, what is he saying?

The words imply to me that our human mind is an instrument of creation, that it can bring to bear creative influences in discordant circumstances. And that our mind is not just a biological computer.

The pivotal element he points to is our connection with the inner factors of mind. Elsewhere, he spoke of those inner factors as cosmic mind.

Could it be that our human mind is designed to hook up with cosmic mind? And in doing so, to connect the unfolding patterns of the universe to the unfolding patterns of the world in which we live? And bring a universal order to what has become discordant in human experience?

If that is what is really happening in our experience, I would think there would be some level of mental stress involved, just as stress is involved in any creative action.

Becoming more conscious of what is transpiring, we can participate in the process intentionally, guiltlessly, and even gleefully.

We are changing the world!

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Irene deGroof
17 days ago

Yes so true, to create new ways in our lives to bring into “my, our world.””
In dayly interaction with the people around me..As an Ucraine family is living here in our building, to support them and give a home to rest, and indeed not to ignore whats going on. Be the Blessing in whatever the circumstance is… etc etc

Karen Pritchard
Karen Pritchard
17 days ago

All of us here on EARTH are COSMIC Creators. ALL of us a mystics in our moment to unfolding moments we are All TEACHERS too…
I look to the great art & the great ARCHITECTURE which have been created by the Hand, the Conciousness and the Body of us All and I am in AWE of what I physically experience. As I am in constant AWE with ALL of the Earths beauty & cosmic superNature too.

Karen Pritchard
Karen Pritchard
17 days ago

In potent alignment with what Attunement itself activates and is said to achieve – as said by regular stimulation of the associated endocrines being the finely connective elements to promote, produce and secret vital hormones then surely a continuous state of mental balance is assured?

The cosmic creative mind is fully present in the whole body always in action with the universal wisdom and therefore we are living mystics using our holy selves. It cannot be called mental dis function because all mental connections to the cosmic is creative and potential intellect ?

Every cell in the being used a mind is a wisdom not just the brain – activation is always in action creativity is always present and there is no malfunction of self…. All is as it is in Holy creativity nothing is out of place

18 days ago

We are changing the world! This is the great blessing of being here, on the planet together at exactly this time.

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