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This Week’s Quotation:

The Holy One whose temple the body is has been excluded therefrom. Can we sense through radiant observation the holiness of the temple of the living God, so that we never allow anything to manifest through the temple which is not fitting to its holy state?

~ Martin Cecil

The Body Temple

David Karchere
David Karchere
Attunement Teacher and Author

On this longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, I celebrate this body temple and invite you to do the same.

The physical body can be subject to all kinds of abuse—lack of care, proper feeding, watering, and exercise; and self-criticism due to size, shape, and appearance. And even shame born of vestigial religious shadows around physicality and sexuality.

Today I sanctify this holy temple and rededicate it as a Temple of the Living God—a living shrine for the divinity that lives within me as it does within all people, a dwelling place for the Holy One who is the inner truth of who I am. I devote my physical body to be what it naturally is—a place where the fire of the sun within me burns, and the light of that sun shines.

Will you do the same? Shall we do so together?

What is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Stephanie Fisher
Stephanie Fisher
10 months ago

My Body Temple is to be used rightly in all things in my field with nothing cemented in place so the river of life is blocked…there is daily ‘work’ to be done in this regard. No expectations is key for the flow of life, rather the outpouring of the sacred focus of the current of Love. Wonderful to be engaged in Core work in these times in the World the way it is right now, in this cycle of reciprocity. Thank you, Stephanie Fisher

Kathryn Crifasi
Kathryn Crifasi
11 months ago

May Martin’s words be my daily mantra; ‘never allow anything to manifest through the temple which is not fitting to its holy state’

11 months ago

David – Yes!!!!! Lets all do this together – Blessings All!!!

Irene deGroof
11 months ago

Thank you David

Yes I celebrate that I have a body to be on Earth!
To bring new light and insights from my being.
My body had some challenges over the last while,
but my spirit and consciousness in Attunement helped me
and also the support of others………….to overcome
So I can be there for others too, to remind them of who they are.

In Blessing Irene

Jane Anetrini
Jane Anetrini
11 months ago

Your words are beautiful. I accept that invitation

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