The Call of Life to a Troubled World  

This Week’s Quotation:

It’s not an ordinary time.
Not an ordinary time at all. 
It’s a time for heroes
Those who can face facts 
Though they sear like a red hot iron… 

The evils already are here
Hunger and inflation and plutonium and a thousand more
Spawn of human arrogance and selfishness and fear… 

All this the hero sees
But he sees something else also
A way
A way through the inferno
A way through the desert
A way through famine and pestilence, war and earthquakes 
A hero’s way
Not a way of survival
But a way of life 
A way of strength and effectiveness
A way of assurance 
A way of calm
Born of his unwavering love, for the One who still 
Even in these turbulent times
Especially in these turbulent times…

The hero goes quietly to work…
His arena is the circumstance where we are
And into that arena we pour ourselves
And our own indomitable spirits
The building block of a new order. 
A true order
A spiritual order. 
The old world crumbles under the pressure of what we bring. 
And out of the confusion and darkness
A new world appears
Filled with magic and light.

~ Chris Foster, “A Time for Heroes”

The Call of Life to a Troubled World

Howard Goodman, Attunement Teacher and Practitioner

We are living in an extraordinary time! 

These excerpts from Chris Foster’s iconic poem “A Time for Heroes,” ignites my passion to bring the fire of my own light into the world. I hope it does this for you too! 

Together we are the Hero.

As Attunement Practitioners we are called to live from the still point of this turbulent world letting a focused radiation of Love penetrate the human heart and mind that brings awakening, healing, and remembrance into the collective consciousness. Together we amplify Life’s Call. We all are called to bring the Light and magic.  

So we rise and shine, beacons of focused Light, bringing the call of Life to the world! 

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Shareen Ewing
Shareen Ewing
10 days ago

Wow! Thank you, Howard! I have always loved Chris’s poem as well. And your expansion touches my heart.
“…beacons of focused light…” That’s US! That’s ME!

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
13 days ago

Your words, Howard, and Chris Foster’s poem are wonderfully descriptive of the spiritual work that we as spiritual activists and heroes are called to do in the world today. Thank you!

Tom Cooper
13 days ago

Yes! Bravo Chris Foster and Howard Goodman. Howard wrote: “We all are called to bring the Light and magic.  So we rise and shine, beacons of focused Light, bringing the call of Life to the world!” I stand in strong agreement. Also to all those reading this, i strongly recommend any of the programs (on-line course, etc.) and publications (BECOMING A SUN by David Karchere) publicized on this site. Love, Tom C.

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