Dissolving the Adverse Vibrations of Karma

This Week’s Quotation:

Karma, as it relates to the past life expression in body form and as recorded in the atomic aura, can have an unpleasant influence on the present life expression of the body form only insofar as the individual allows his response to be centered in external things and, as a consequence, looks to the outer mind for direction and wisdom. Such action allows the karma to come into destructive expression.

When the full response is centered on the Father within, so that the mind is a channel for the radiation of the Father’s Christ expression of light, love, and life, even the triune ray, the creative action which radiates through and expresses IN the body form instantly dissolves the adverse vibrations of karma, and thereby blots the record of adverse expression out of the Book of Life, so that it shall be remembered no more. Thus it is that “the former things are passed away.”

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker

Dissolving the Adverse Vibrations of Karma

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

This analysis of the central human problem, and the answer given for it, are both fascinating. It is from a booklet from 1936. The Western World was still reeling from the Great Depression, and the coming world war was beginning to cast its shadow. In what now seems like a long-ago era, Lloyd Arthur Meeker was developing his Attunement practice and teaching.

In this brief excerpt, he draws on references that would have been familiar in various contexts—the aura, Christ, karma, and the Book of Life. But rarely, if ever before, were those references in one place as they were here.

Here is what comes home to me. Centering on the complexities of outer circumstances that we might try to understand and improve with the mind makes us an unwitting victim of patterns from the past—karma. Without being fully aware of what is happening, we are failing to receive into our awareness the unfolding pattern of creation now.

I invite you to deeply contemplate the meaning of these two paragraphs. We might wonder why he resorted to those words from various contexts. It is clear to me that he was not espousing any kind of religious or philosophical belief system. He was painting a picture of human experience using the most accurate, relatable words he could find.

I am devoting myself to contemplating this picture now painted clearly in my mind. Will you join me?

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Rick Bischoff
Rick Bischoff
1 year ago

Yes David, I will and am joining with you in this glorious quest.

Bobby Delamar
Bobby Delamar
1 year ago

Thanks for the invitation, David. I, personally do not believe that I have a past life expression in this present life, but, indeed that could be the case. My experience has been that karma in this lifetime has been the only influence on my life. If we are talking about energy, then I can say that everything is energy and all that is energy has a definite expression on this life, whether energy from the past, present or future.
As far as those references that he draws on, he could be one of a few seekers that had studied all four, the auras, the Christ, karma and the Book of Life, in that era in which he lived. Today, I would assume that there are many seekers that have studied all four of those references. I know that I have studied all four and I don’t consider myself a seeker of the truth. I seek to know others and listen to what they believe and allow them to believe that and in the sake of communion, I would like to have my beliefs and my truths allowed to be in this field . For me, the truth is that which is happening in the present moment no matter what one believes or not believes.

Anne Lise Bure
Anne Lise Bure
1 year ago

Yes, diving in – thank you 🙏

1 year ago

The thoughts that came to my mind in reading this were – Surrender, surrender, surrender – and then it is so much easier to consciously and unconsciously let go……

1 year ago

Thanks, David. I join you in this.

Tom Cooper
1 year ago

Yes, I will definitely join you in that contemplation – and in that focus upon the Father Within for which Uranda calls. The former things do pass away – Karma and all else — when I maintain full emphasis and centering on that which is Highest. THANK you. Nameste, Tom C

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