Whatever Arises

This Week’s Quotation:

Whatever arises, let me dwell in the secret place of the most high.
Let there be a place of stillness within the midst of turmoil.
Let there be a place of light amidst the darkness.
Let there be a place of ease amid disease.
Let there be a place of order in the chaos.
Let there be a place of love and beauty in the midst of fear and ugliness.
Let my presence be a beacon of enfolding radiance in every circumstance.

~ Martin Cecil

Whatever Arises

Marilyn Manderson delights in bringing the spirit and expression of Attunement to the world in all aspects of her life.

This poem conveys the stance of an Attunement server! In fact, it conveys the reality of anyone on this planet who accepts responsibility to be aligned with the Source of life, the light of Spirit, within themselves, in thought, word, and deed. And then expresses that dynamic moment by moment, in the course of their living. There is a place of presence, balance, deliberateness, and radiance which, when expressed, dispels darkness, and brings the increased light of love into the world. 

The art of maintaining one’s focus in Spirit is both a delight and a conscious choice. At the beginning of sharing an attunement, the one offering the Attunement brings the Presence of the “most high” into consciousness, opening their heart and mind to the abundance available at that level of Being. The person receiving the Attunement may know to do so as well. In this way, they are connected in the Oneness of Spirit and are ready to share an in-depth experience of honoring the love, truth, and life innate within themselves and the Attunement process in which they are sharing.

The release of fear or ugliness is possible as the Attunement is shared within the focus and expansion of connection with the Source and the power of Love which releases the darkness. There is a prayer of thanksgiving and the celebration of Life for the increase of radiant energy at the close of the time.  

The eternal nature of Spirit in the Attunement process has the power, one on one, and in the world at large, to do this work. As a collective of conscious individuals, we are fully capable of accessing the largeness of Spirit and allowing it to course through our capacities. This allows us to share this power with our world. This process works as we are open to it with whatever arises in our lives. If even a comparative few were consistent in this way of alignment and radiance this world would be transformed! 

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Shareen Ewing
Shareen Ewing
6 days ago

How beautiful is your description of offering and receiving Attunement!
The connection with the Most High by the one offering and the one receiving brings a radiant focus of Spirit that expands to bless far more than one might imagine.
I am thankful and join you in this expansive consciousness.

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