The Fruition of Love

This Week’s Quotation:

The fruition of love is oneness with the God Being within. That which does not draw thee into the inner oneness is of the outer mind, and its action is to separate thee from the Inner Self, causing a veil to appear before thine eyes. That which is of love always tends to draw thee away from dependence on things and persons, so that thou art increasingly aware of the One within and His radiance through thee as it is released through every thought, word, and deed.

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker

The Fruition of Love

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

This early writing of Lloyd Arthur Meeker is from 1936, when he was 28 years old. In it, he speaks of the ultimate experience of Attunement, oneness with what he calls the Inner Self.

In this era of his Attunement teaching, Lloyd Arthur Meeker utilized a pattern of language that strikes the ear of a person in this post-modern era as archaic and perhaps religious. Yet as you examine what he is saying, it does not fit with almost any religious teaching I am aware of. And I don’t imagine the average American in the middle of the Great Depression was exposed to such a message. For that matter, neither was hardly anyone throughout known history.

Sometimes people ask me about Attunement as a spiritual practice. Often they are looking for something prescriptive—a method of prayer, a physical movement, or a meditation technique. Implicit in the words above is a prescription—allow your love to take you into an experience of oneness with the love of the inner reality of you. This is the fulfillment of the love you have as a human being. And then, the love of your inner self is fulfilled as you express it in the moment-by-moment living of your life.

This is the fruition of love. This is what fulfills love’s urge—the urge you know now as a human being. And it fulfills a depth of desire you might not have yet experienced, the desire of the God Being who is the inner reality of who you are.

Shall we follow love’s true desire and let it be fulfilled? If anyone wants a prescription for a joy-filled life, here it is.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Michael Piovesan
1 year ago

I have revisited this message many times. It is so rich with wisdom. Another aspect that stands out for me is the way Lloyd ‘opposes’ the pulling/drawing power of ‘that which is of love’ with the pull of the ‘outer mind’ which takes us away from the experience of Oneness. I assume by ‘outer mind’ he is referring to the ego/egoic mind that perceives itself to be separate from others which engenders fear and insecurity etc. etc. The ego is clearly not ‘outer’ as such but an aspect of our consciousness mind which is ‘outside’ of our true divine core/coure, off centre, missing the mark (i.e. sin) Living from ego sucks. Living from our Divine Centre is freedom and joy. Sounds like a simple choice to make but it takes practice to keep making the choice to focus within and seek The One rather than keep being habitually distracted and drawn away from THAT by our egoic mind. I’m sure this is all old hat to you guys but I needed to spell this out for myself. I want to find the ‘languaging’ that works for me so that I can express it to others in a way that connects to my Core and have the resonant power to affect others, encourage them to return to The One and join me in that Heaven Now.

Jerry Kvasnicka
1 year ago

Love indeed comes to fruition when it is actually expressed in living by a person identified with the Wonderful One within.

Shareen Ewing
1 year ago

Lately, I’ve been reading stories of women who have overcome all odds to bring about victory in their lives—health, financial and relationship challenges, aging, you name it. And the most common comment is that they had faith. A relationship with something higher that kept them going in dark times. Attunement with the Spirit of Love. This has been an inspiration to me as I have faced challenges in my life. Thank you for this wonderful reminder.

1 year ago

Attunement is such a gift of life!!! We are so blessed together….

Michael Piovesan
1 year ago

What I am becoming increasingly clear about is that it’s all about ‘languaging’ – how we communicate our lived, felt experience of the Divine to others in our time in a way that they can resonate with and feel for themselves. That Lloyd expressed himself like this at the age of 28 in 1932 blows me away. I don’t find his words archaic at all. They echo to a tee the way Eckhart Tolle refers to ‘enlightenment as the felt experience of Being’, the One Life, our true nature in his book The Power of Now. Lloyd was an enlightened being in his own time, way ahead of Echkart Tolle and in the same tradition as the Buddha and the self-realized mystics of India over centuries including another of my spiritual teachers, Swami Muktanada. It means that this transcendent experience of Oneness with the One is as much available to us as it was to Jesus Christ himself. That was just Lloyd’s languaging even if the people in the times and the cultural and religious context he was living in couldn’t appreciate it. But Lloyd got it. In his era and religio-cultural context, Jesus referred to it as the kingdom of heaven within. When I go within, when I am fully present IN MY BODY (a.k.a the Living Temple of the Holy Spirit) I’m there. I feel the peace, joy and love of the One. Peace + Joy + Love = the Bliss that the mystics of India felt, the REST that Jesus said was available when we find God within. Hallelujah.

1 year ago

Once we know, we know and there is no way to not know. I had a phone conversation with someone tonight who goes way back to the 70’s who longs to reconnect. All is received and given in fulfilling love’s urge of the inner Reality of who we are.

This attunement, is never forgotten and always available to each one who hears the call of the Beloved.

Thank you for your words, David, and Uranda’s.

Sam McKune
1 year ago

……..Yes. We should let Love have its way, and be fulfilled ; …….Life be celebrated,…… and Truth “find it’s home ” with us..,.
So……thank you.

( I know of someone who would’ve used a play-on-words, thusly :
Attunement. = At-One-Ment

That’s what I tend to see as the meaning)

Michael Piovesan
1 year ago
Reply to  Sam McKune

At the risk of being pedantic, At-One-Ment refers to the Jewish tradition of ‘atonement’ through sacrifice which was adopted by Christians as the atonement of sins through the blood of Jesus Christ. Atonement – attunenment – it’s all about returning to the ONE.

1 year ago

Yes. YEs. Yes. This IS different than the central core of most religions. Love for the INNER SELF to the degree that one is drawn up and away from the things and people which distract. Emphasis upon the WONDERFUL ONE WITHIN – the I am. It is not narcissism and egotism to love the INnier SElf. Rather that is the very process which frees me/us from egotism and narcissism. Love for the true sefl is truly liberating and it takes me/us much higher — feeling lighter being rid of the heavy backpack of self-concern. Love and thanks, Tom C.

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