The Perfect Practice of Attunement  

This Week’s Quotation:

Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect.

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker

The Perfect Practice of Attunement 

Howard Goodman, Attunement Teacher and Practitioner

Lloyd Meeker, the founder of Attunement, teaches that a person’s Attunement in Love may release a radiation perfectly capable of producing perfection, beauty, peace, harmony, joy, fulfilment on earth as it is in heaven. 

Many today have awakened to the possibility of knowing Universal Oneness, an experience long lost to Humanity. The truth of Universal Love is being restored to human consciousness once again on earth!  

Knowing our true identity sourced in Love, we recognise we are not meant to be subject to the control of external effects. 

In fact, we create the world we know!  

Our Attunement practice reminds us we are created to Be the embodied expression of Divine Being, a connecting link for creation, and a bringer of blessing to the world.

For Divine Presence to act on earth through humanity, our primary challenge is to restore the experience of Oneness for ourselves and then for humanity as a whole.

In Attunement with Love, we see the world through love’s eyes, naturally radiate loving kindness, and develop a deeper knowing of one another. Our Presence touches the hearts and spirits of the people in our lives. 

As we do our radiant work together, new realms of wonder open up, revealing possibilities for greater healing and spiritual transformation born from our loving and knowing.

Never has there been a time in our world when attuned awakened souls were more needed! Nor has there been a collective awakening of humanity of this magnitude more available to the Divine. 

As Beloved Community, are we not charged to move with full trust in Love’s way towards fulfilling our divine destiny? 

Thank you for joining me in considering the perfect practice of Attunement.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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17 days ago

Thank You Howard for your nourishing words,

I just read them in the right moment, were I just have met some challenging issues,
who are close to my heart, to bless, hold and forgive in myself.
I know the spirit of healing at many levels, and certainly the knowing of Attunement in everyday Life ………………………………..Its my guide!

Carolyn Gruchy
Carolyn Gruchy
17 days ago

Beautifully stated, Howard. I join you in the shared vision of oneness and brotherhood/ sisterhood for our world. Love and gratitude!

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
18 days ago

Thanks, Howard, for your own leadership role in awakening humanity to the reality of Oneness. I particularly appreciate these words: “The truth of Universal Love is being restored to human consciousness once again on earth!  I would certainly join you in this awakening and restorative process, bringing the power of Attunement into the world for which I am responsible.

Rick Bischoff
Rick Bischoff
18 days ago

Thank you Howard! I appreciate your clarity and kind heart.You are easy to trust.

Anne Lise
Anne Lise
18 days ago

Dear Howard,

What a beautiful and loving message, thank you 🙏

If the perfect practice of Attunement is Love, and guided by a full spectrum expression of Love, magic and Oneness is the assured outcome.

I’m here to change the world with you and others, guiding everything through this wonderful practice, in these days so suited for everyone on the planet 🌍

Thank you for your ‘meditations’ 🙏

Tom Cooper
18 days ago

So great to hear from Uranda/Meeker to start the day. And then there is this wonderful quote from Howard Goodman “In fact, we create the world we know!” IT totally changes one’s life to adopt that perspective than to feel one is a pincushion chronically pricked by other people and events. totally with you in all you’ve said. And it is so exciting to see all the ways one may participate in Attunement on this site — an on-line course, an in person opportunity, a newsletter, subscription to this site … wow. Attunement can become a way of life! and that can change one’s world and THE world. Thank you, Howard. Warmly, Tom C.

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