Right Conditions

This Week’s Quotation:

There is one thing that is essential before the divine manifestations can appear, and that is the right conditions. If something is made to appear by human beings it will not be the divine manifestation. The divine manifestation waits until the conditions are right and then it does not have to be forced. When spring comes things start to grow. We do not have to go out and push them.

~ Martin Cecil

Right Conditions

Marilyn Manderson delights in bringing the spirit and expression of Attunement to the world in all aspects of her life.

When I am naturally moved to consider the eternal nature of Life and its relatedness to Attunement, I fall in love once again with the cosmic reality of what we are about on this planet in these days. Here we are in the Northern Hemisphere. Seeds that have been dormant are sensing the perfect condition and moment to crack open, to share the beauty of their life’s purpose. Don’t we feel that within ourselves in this season, the stirring and opening anew to the increasing warmth of the sun, the wind and gentle breezes, the life-filled texture of the atmosphere, and the spring rain? I know I do!

Attunement is at the core of the expression of these cycles for all forms of life. With love as its carrier wave, this non-touch process through the endocrine system between two people has the potential to reveal such majesty, such clarity, such transformation, such understanding, and such creation. The eternal backup to the process is what allows this movement of Life to make all things new in and through us.

As I welcome another into the atmosphere of love which I bring into the Attunement process—touching the knowing of their Truth and Life essence, and allowing it to emerge through heart, mind, and body—there is born such wonder, blessing, understanding, and newness to be shared. Indeed in consciousness and on into our worlds. 

This process is of both macro and micro proportion, described sometimes as wheels within wheels, cycles within cycles. May we create the right conditions to reveal the joy of this birth and growth in Attunement with Love, Truth, and Life everlasting.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
1 month ago

Thank you, Marilyn, for unveiling more of the blessings and radiant, healing energy that Attunement can bring. And how true that when two people sharing an Attunement are in full agreement, i.e. mutually bringing the “right conditions” in heart and mind, those blessings are multiplied.

Tom Cooper
1 month ago

Many thanks, Marilyn. Yes, absolutely I am WITH YOU honoring the cycles within cycles and I am also WITH MARTIN CECIL in allowing the right conditions to be manifest within those cycles such that nothing is forced nor premature. With you I salute those seeds maturing in their SPRINGing forth seasons whether in nature or within ourselves. Extra thanks for your fine message and the spirit of attunement within your words and the website writ large. To anyone reading this , I also recommend the many options the website provides such as the mailing list, subscription service, David Karchere’s book, BECOMING A SUN, and the on-line training. They are all invaluable. Love, Tom C. (from Oahu)

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