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Bexx Biehl-Kashyap
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Bexx Biehl Kashyap has lived at Sunrise Ranch since 2017 and is an Attunement practitioner, Reiki master, lifelong energy healing practitioner, herbalist, seasoned yoga and meditation teacher and practitioner, high vibration enthusiast, and seeker of higher spiritual truths.

Bexx came from a Christian mystic background, where she learned about energy healing as a small child in the earliest stages of development. This early learning set her up for a lifetime of spiritual seeking and deepening her connection with Source.

Bexx is deeply connected to the spiritual traditions hailing from India and the far East. She is married to a spiritually activated man from India, and together, they practice yoga, chanting mantras, and meditation, embracing an interfaith approach to life that they joyfully share with others.

It is her deepest joy and privilege to assist those looking to grow and heal old trauma patterns that no longer serve. She remains committed to the spiritual regeneration of planet Earth, infusing this dedication into every aspect of her being.

Love is comfort and solace. Love is joy and fulfillment.
Love finds the way. Love is the way.
How large is Love? How long is it?
What color is Love? Where does Love stop?
Love is infinite. Love is eternal.
Love appears in all colors. It never ends.
Love is everything. It is all things.
And without it, we are left with nothing.
Love is you. Love is me.
It overarches us all. It pervades us all, embraces us all, and holds us all.
Love is all.

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