In 1936 Lloyd Arthur Meeker published “The Triune Ray” in which he described The One Law of Positive Action and Negative Reaction:

The Triune Ray by Uranda
The Triune Ray by Uranda

This Law is seen in operation in the solar system as the positive action of the sun on the planets and the negative reaction of the planets to the sun. In the atom this Law is seen in expression as the positive action of the proton on its surrounding electrons, and the negative reaction of the electrons to the proton. Examination of all that is, from atom to solar system and beyond into the Universe of universes, proves that this One Law is operative in every phase of creation. Nowhere does this Law fail to act. It is seen in the vegetable kingdom, in the animal kingdom, and in man.

Understanding how the One Law works in your life and in others is the essential key to understanding Attunement. The Positive aspect of the One Law is the source of all life. It is the energy contained within all Creation emerging into human experience. The Negative aspect of the One Law is the ability of the human capacity of body, mind and emotion to respond to the positive, radiant creative energy that is the source of all Creation.
The Attunement process is exactly what the word implies. It is receiving and resonating with the positive energy that radiates from your core. Attunement as an energy medicine practice is the sharing of that energy between people. Attunement as a consciousness practice is the opening of mind and emotion to an awareness of the source of all creative thought and feeling. Then changes in thought and feeling change the energetic flow through a person so that it is uplifting and life-giving. A person emanates on the outside what is radiating within them—the animating power of Universal Love.
When combined, these two elements of Attunement—the energy medicine practice and the consciousness practice—lead a person on a path of wellbeing, service, joy and fulfillment.

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