“This path is the path of attunement. Attunement can’t be reduced to something that one person offers to another, although it is applicable in the interchange between two people. The path of attunement is this unfoldment of unconditional love in a person who welcomes their life and accepts the noes that come to them. Such a person is in fuller and deeper attunement with the source of their own being as they continue on that path. And because they are on that path, they implicitly invite other people to have the same experience.

When we find that future and that reality that we belong to and that belongs to us, we are in position to invite others to know that for themselves. We are in position to invite another person to walk the path of attunement, the path of unfolding unconditional love. That is the true path for any person, and it is individual and unique to each one of us. And yet, in the magic of love, in the magic of life, we have the privilege of finding that we are together and that we belong to one another, that you belong to me and I to you, as we walk that path. There could be no deeper joy, no greater fulfillment, than this. ”

– David Karchere

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