7 Endocrine Glands - Attunement Attunement

7 Endocrine Glands

Attunement works primarily through seven endocrine glands. These glands each secrete powerful hormones into the bloodstream that regulate bodily function and affect thought and emotion. The endocrine glands create energy patterns around the body.

The Attunement Practitioner connects with the energy of the endocrine glands by extending their energy field through one hand, typically held within several inches of the gland. Through that energetic connection, the Practitioner assists the client to allow the spiritual gateway within the gland to open and come to balance. The Practitioner’s other hand connects with a correlating contact point within the nervous system.

Each endocrine gland is a gateway to an aspect of the creative spirit that lives within all human beings. As each gateway is open and balanced, the totality of the spirit of a human being comes forth through the body, mind and emotions.

These are the seven Spirits associated with each of the endocrine glands:

Endocrine Gland  Spirit
Pineal Love
Pituitary Womb
Thyroid Life
Thymus Purification
Islets of Langerhans Blessing
Adrenals Single Eye
Ovaries / Testes New Earth