Long distance Attunement is a miracle, free of the constraints of time and space. It is only governed by the depth of unconditional love in the heart of the giver and the receiver. Long distance Attunement is as sure as the rising of the sun and as free as the essence of a spring morning.

For a number of years, I have shared long distance Attunements but there is one that springs most quickly to mind. Our daughter, Heather, was travelling in Scotland at the time. One morning at about 4:00 a.m. Pacific Time our phone rang and the voice on the other end of the line croaked, “Dad, I’ve god a code and I deed an attudebent.”

As I shook the sleep out of my head, I had the presence of mind to tell Heather to lie down and relax and that we would start the Attunement in five minutes. We shared the Attunement and Heather was thankful, though not unduly impressed by the fact that we were seven thousand miles apart. She had been receiving long distance Attunements during the time she was going to college, a hundred twenty five miles from home. For me, both were miracles.

There is a myriad of methods that can be used in long distance Attunement. Sometimes a surrogate can be used, or the person visualized with or without movement of the giver’s hands. Neither of these methods, nor any other, are as important as the spirit behind the statement, “where two or more are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst.” Conscious agreement is one of the key factors. There needs to be an agreed-upon time set aside for the Attunement and it helps if the receiver is conscious of what they are participating in.

If the one receiving the long distance Attunement is not conscious of their surroundings, then the Attunement practitioner can work through the agreement of the one asking for the Attunement to be given. Without that conscious agreement, the Attunement is just diffused radiation. In long distance Attunement, conscious radiation and response are just as important as in conventional one-on-one in person Attunements.

I rarely go to the Bible for Attunement examples, but the story of Jesus and the Roman centurion’s servant who was sick with palsy is too good to pass up. According to the story, the centurion came and told Jesus of the plight of the servant. When Jesus offered to come and heal the servant, the centurion felt he himself wasn’t worthy for Jesus to enter his house but if Jesus would but say the word, the servant would be healed. The centurion reasoned that since the servant did whatever his master said, the servant could be healed, because Jesus and the centurion agreed. The servant was healed in a manner that is a striking example of one of the ways long distance Attunement works.

Whether it is two thousand years ago or now, long distance is a miracle that works at our hands.

– Hugh Duff

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