Turn the Other Cheek

This Week’s Quotation:

But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

~ Jesus of Nazareth

Turn the Other Cheek

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher and Author

I can still remember my experience as a child first hearing this saying of Jesus. I grew up in a Unitarian Church which didn’t make much reference to the Bible or to Jesus’ teachings. But still, I remember hearing these words and questioning my mother as I sat on the stairs, feeling the momentous nature of what was being said.

I asked, Was Jesus a real person?

As an adult, this saying is a bit cryptic to me. It might sound like we are being encouraged to be a martyr. And still, the deeper meaning of it that I felt as a boy is with me, and the imperative it brings to my own life too.

The simplest way I could say it is this: Face whatever happens full-on without reacting and radiate love.

Hard to do? Even impossible? Denying our instinctual human tendencies? Maybe. And still, ultimately compelling.

Within the words, I can feel the remarkable love of the man who spoke them—melts my heart and confirms to me the reality of who he was. It confirms to me the reality of who I am. And you too.

Perhaps, when the world exhausts every other conceivable answer to the human predicament, it will turn to this truth offered so simply millennia ago. In the meantime, this is what I accept as a human being and as an Attunement Practitioner, and what I invite the people around me to experience and know.

What is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Karen Pritchard
2 years ago

As I turn the other cheek – I feel the vital energy of compassion engulf me and I sit with the patience of the mother watching and waiting for simple change to happen.. Through the waiting answers come to the most complex of situations, giving great space and time for the sequence to flow into a new solution. Yes it’s an analogy of sorts, yet through the clarity of non reaction the magnificent is born from this space. If we stop just for a moment, breathe, be gentle with the flow significant changes occur to bring into alignment the answer.

All happens when time and space is given – and then, simply beauty is birthed.

Jerry Kvasnicka
2 years ago

There is a death cult in the Middle East called Isis, an offshoot of radical Islam. They have killed thousands of people and recently killed 170 in Afghanistan, including 13 US servicemen. “Resist not evil.” “Love your enemies.” What a seemingly impossible standard Jesus sets!

Karen Pritchard
2 years ago

Dear Jerry, isn’t ultimate forgiveness the greatest healing matrix we can create for deeper understanding. I often look at the Holocaust as an example of ‘how a country became damaged and deranged for a period of time. Yet Germany still has to live with these horrific facts, the shame and the guilt of living with historic hurt. Yet time and the ‘turning of the cheek’, has given time for healing to take place.

I have my reasons with the ISIS situation which many may not understand. As with Afghanistan now I feel we have to let what “is – is.”. Come out let them determine their own path and perhaps turn the other cheek for the greater healing to transpire in mass realisation – maybe as Germany has.

Jane Anetrini
2 years ago

I have so often said to myself and others, “choice is not determined by another person’s actions”. Staying centered, being a blessing, radiating love is always an option. Being undistractable from my primary responsibility is vitally important. Turn away from reaction to radiant expression.

2 years ago

Yes, I agree that the saying is a bit cryptic. First, we don’t know that this is what he actually said and this is an English translation to what someone thought they heard him say. So, I don’t put much too much emphasis on sayings, especially analogies. I just attune myself to who I am, and continue to come forth from my heart and allow whatever else be as it is. You say ‘hard to do, impossible”. Yes, and No, maybe it’s easy to do, but sometimes the mind has another agenda, especially if you’re not paying attention to it. Not denying my human tendencies, just being present with them and not letting them throw me out of my heart space.

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