Permeating Language With the Infinite

This Week’s Quotation:

We are accustomed to utilizing finite language and attempting to describe the things of the infinite through that language, and then, when we begin to let the things of the infinite permeate the forms of our finite language, we find that the forms of that language begin to convey something of the infinite, which we hear according to our own consciousness; according to our own degree of oneness with the infinite. That understanding cannot be arbitrarily forced. That knowledge cannot be attained by the mere repetition of some fundamental fact until it is learned. That which may be accepted as knowledge and believed, recognized at least theoretically, does not necessarily in itself establish the attunement in those currents of life working in and through the cosmos, through the creation here on earth, through man and nature; because only that which produces a sense, a consciousness, of oneness-with gives that knowledge meaning and brings the individual into a place or sphere of activity where he may truly utilize that which he sees, envisions, accepts, as being true in the field of knowledge.

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker

Permeating Language With the Infinite

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

Most contemporary instruction on writing I’ve come across promotes the benefit of short sentences. The words above are from a 1946 article, and if writing experts were recommending short sentences in that era, Lloyd Meeker either hadn’t read that advice or didn’t take the instruction.

So skimming the words I have quoted won’t accomplish much, which is right to the point of his message.

Here is what I suggest. Read the words carefully, perhaps several times over, until the plain English of them becomes clear to you. Then open yourself to the infinite that resonates through the words.

Open yourself to the possibility that your own words might convey more than the plain meaning of them. Your words conveying a finite meaning could resonate with infinite meaning and infinite love. You could fill the immediate truth of your words with the infinite truth you are a part of.

You could permeate the words you speak and write with the infinite and thereby bring Attunement with the currents of Creation working through the cosmos.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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10 months ago

Words – at their best – are our blessings – to offer and to receive.

Love and Light to All

Leia Meryt
Leia Meryt
10 months ago

The title of this Attunement sharing indicates for me, the truest sense of living in ritual space; having an ongoing sacred conversation inside and outside oneself that effectively enhances the invisible.
When I think of permeability, I think of cellular structure and how each cell has the ability to naturally be in a coherent state by nourishing itself and the body through osmosis. There’s pressure needed to instill this language of permeability in each cell. When homeostasis is achieved in this manner of complete permeability, the cells resonate together via the balanced salinity of the water in each cell. The truth of life is spoken and able to offer differentiated change in an infinite manner.

“The language of the Motherland is spoken here.” It’s the language of Being made manifest in form as each cell of the collective body resounds the Word through an individuals chosen words to express the Tone.
Osmotic pressure from the infinite makes itself known as the membrane of the cell is completely permeable then is able to “utterly” speak from the invisible into the visible to infinity and beyond.
Permeating language with the infinite speaks to me of the malleability of pneumaplasm as the living Word, as Attunement.

Karen Pritchard
Karen Pritchard
11 months ago

Thank you for this reminder. Words can create so much definition to our existence, personally, inter relationally and globally.

To dissect, to simplify and deconstruct the complexity of incredibly complex spiritual context, for me has been a life long path. To understand the diverse separations we go through in relation to worldwide worship has mystified me, when all we have to do is to simplify, learn about selfhood and relate to the inner compatibility’s we all have. We can then come to a common place of deep soothing of knowing true Union to oneness.

Without a self realisation, simplification and self observation we will be in a continued cycle of over complicating the meaning of Being and Life itself.

Luxuriate in slowing down the pace of distraction and self destruction. Deconstruct complexity, get to know true self and bask in the non intensity of being part of It All. Living Simply.

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
11 months ago

I’ve always sensed that the words in the articles I write convey more than their finite meaning. And this transcendence certainly applies to the words that you bring us in the attunement and Becoming a Sun blogs, and especially in the weekly Pulse of Spirit.

MichaEL Piovesan
MichaEL Piovesan
11 months ago

Wow. So true and so timely (synchronistic) for me. Throughout my recent and intensifying spiritual journey of late I have been acutely aware of needing to find the right languaging to be able to express in words what I am experiencing so that others may sense and ideally enter the same ‘zone’ I’m in and come play with me! And during the current Transformation Group being led by Sece and Oren I am beginning to embody my experience through my words when I share in the group. During a recent Service out of Riverdell I was reminded of something l learnt as a boy – Make sure your brain is engaged before putting your mouth into gear. This was to avoid saying something stupid. Then I realised that now it needs to read – Make sure your Heart is engaged before putting your mouth into gear. Then the words will vibrate from the Source of Infinite Love and have the power to touch other’s hearts.

Tom Cooper
11 months ago

Thank you, David, and Lloyd Arthur Meeker. yes, I am really into theater so I took note when I read the same L.A. Meeker’s comments that the original and highest purpose of human theater was to convey the great events and heavenly movements in the universe to human beings on earth. If we are designed to convey cosmic events through theater, why wouldn’t we be designed to bring the cosmic current to earth through our words? Why wouldn’t what we say be a vehicle for carrying a particular tone, not just human alphabetized, routinized symbols called words? We can bring it ALL if we are open and in tune – on tone. Thank you so much, David and Lloyd Arthur Meeker. Love, Tom C.

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