American Independence Day Meditation

This Week’s Quotation:

It is vital to the future of the world, to the future of every man, woman, and child on the face of the earth, that this realization of the spirit activating the idea is important to each and every one, everywhere. Promulgating ideas, developing ideas about NATO, or something else—the League of Nations, that was a good idea perhaps, but it was never activated by the right spirit. We say we have progressed now, and in San Francisco, we developed another idea and gave Red Russia the power of veto, and Red Russia knows how to say No in every language, so we tied ourselves, to start with. Now these ideas may have merit. We may develop various ideas in our state department, in our government, in religion, in what have you, but this great shower of ideas tends to obliterate the real problem, the problem of the spirit by which any good idea must be activated. If Secretary Dulles, or somebody else, comes up with a good idea presumably, people are inclined to sit back and say, “Well now, here is an idea.” Of course, some will say, no matter what idea is developed, “That will never work.” They know at once. They will not let it work. But those who do have faith in the idea are inclined to say, “The idea will do it.” The idea is publicized, the idea raises the hopes in human hearts, but the idea is not activated by the spirit. And we leave our diplomats out there, our government leaders and our President, out there trying to do something with a host of ideas without backing them up with the right spirit which would activate the ideas. Suppose some of those ideas are not quite what they ought to be; they are ideas. And unless we are in position to put a better idea out there before the public—well, we need to realize that it is not a new idea that is needed; it is the true activation of the ideas we already have. And then we will find that, in activating those ideas, the false aspects of them will give way, and we will come up with the right one. If we are afraid to give the support of our spirit to some idea because we do not somehow understand it or we think we do not agree with it, we are going to sit back and see to it that it does fail. That failure affects us; we share the failure. We defeat ourselves by our stubborn refusal to activate ideas merely because we think we do not quite agree with them.

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker

American Independence Day Meditation

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

Today’s quotation is from June 13, 1954. I took it from a presentation during the last six-month Attunement training Lloyd Arthur Meeker offered. As you can tell, the subjects he covered were wide-ranging, this one addressing geopolitics. It is curious how the world is now wrestling with many of the global factors he was addressing then.

He presents a simple idea—that the ideas we bring to the world are important, but the spirit behind them is even more so.

This is one of the reasons people worldwide, especially in America, can have such a difficult time sorting out the ideas presented by politicians and the media. People focus on the ideas themselves without an awareness of the spirit behind them.

Perceiving the spirit behind the idea strongly indicates where the idea is coming from and where it will go. So if you do not buy into spirits born out of egoism—arrogance, false pride, and buffoonery—you can begin to see what is truly happening. You can see through public deception. At the same time, you can appreciate the noble spirit of those who seek to make a genuine contribution in service to their country and the world.

The same principles are true in our immediate individual lives. The spirit behind our own ideas matters more than the ideas themselves. And when our spirit is true, the ideas we hold can evolve to allow a more and more fulfilling experience of life.

Celebrating American Independence Day, I celebrate the ideals expressed in the Declaration of Independence from July 4, 1776—Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Yet even more than these ideals, I celebrate the spirit of America and the spirit of all people that yearns to fulfill the truth of these ideals in life.

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1 year ago

This is so needed – watching people who have chosen country over party, people over country, God over All – is a blessing that never misses the mark……

Marilyn Manderson
Marilyn Manderson
1 year ago

David, I so appreciate what you are bringing forward here! What is behind our feeling, thinking, and action in any moment, any situation, any relatinship? What is the Loving Truth that propels our expression in any moment? This piece evokes pause to take an honest look! Am I reacting to all of the chaos around me in this world, or am I a revelation of what emerges from within? Only if the light of Life shines clearly through me am I available to bless my world. (thinking of the shooting in Chicago today.)

I am thankful for what has been referenced around our political leaders. Can I see what is positive about any movement forward? I see the prime minister of our country putting his “best foot forward”. There is itense reaction to anything he does. Why not find the core of passion for harmony which motivates this man and stick with that instead of criticizing every last thing he does? Yes, there is reason for input and adjustment at times, but an atmosphere of criticism never gets us anywhere. May we access the true core of our own Being, and that of others, which is Love, and let things emerge from there!

Tom Cooper
1 year ago

Yes. Here’s what is truly behind the red, white, and blue – and here’s to people of integrity in all the areas Uranda mentioned. I can think of a few people I worked with in the White House, U.N., and NGOs who are still alive while serving the “one nation” by living lives of public service and integrity. May they all be thanked and blessed on July 4th and may great leaders and public servants worldwide by honored. To my view uranda’s and David’s visions remain unsurpassed and I stand with you in the revelation of true freedom and independence form the unreal. Thank you, David and uranda. Tom C.

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