Being the Guardian Angel

This Week’s Quotation:

Over and over again, I have emphasized to you that, “According to your response, so be it unto you.” A rootlet of the silver cord working through the subconscious realm connects up with anything—an idea, any of the evil spirits of the heart, greed, selfishness, self-centeredness, or any object or any person. When you respond to something below you, you are connecting up the very center of your life force with that thing and becoming subject to it. Response to that which is below you, response to that which is not of God in your own subconscious realm, makes you subject to such things, and the mind is in the habit of giving way and turning expression and function over to the subconscious mind instead of holding steady and being the guardian angel.

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker

Being the Guardian Angel

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

Here is a powerful Attunement message for a Monday morning! I am going to unpack it in this blog post.

First of all, some definitions.

The silver cord is the core component of the human energy field. It connects the highest energies in the human experience to their originating source. And it flows the central stream of that energy through the body, beginning at the pineal gland within the brain down to the gonads. And the rootlets of the silver cord extend to every dimension of human experience.

Response is the foundational principle of Attunement. It is our capacity to open ourselves to something and be influenced and activated by it. It is that activation itself. And our course, depending on what we allow ourselves to be influenced and activated by, so is our experience. 

What is fascinating to me about this text is the relationship between the energy moving for a person and their consciousness. And the fact that a conscious connection to an element in the person’s life establishes an energetic connection.

And it becomes even more fascinating from there. Lloyd Arthur Meeker asserts that the energetic connections a person establishes can be below the surface levels of consciousness—in the subconscious levels of mind.

I’ll add my own insight to this description. Closely allied to subconscious levels of mind are emotional elements. How we feel about things is part of how we establish an energetic connection. And the more deeply we feel, the deeper the connection.

So far, so good. But what happens when the whole energetic system in a person responds and attunes to factors outside them instead of the source of inspiration and power inside them? That establishes a destructive pattern instead of a creative one. And what do we do if we find ourselves in that state, given that much of this process is subconscious?

Yikes! What to do?

The part of this equation where we have choice is in the conscious mind. The mind is helpless all by itself. But when it assumes its role as the conscious facilitator of the rest of the human experience, it becomes powerful. It can direct the emotions to respond to the source of the creative flow. And it can demand that the human heart withdraw its response from all the external factors tormenting it.

This is the role of the mind as the guardian angel of the human experience. When it assumes this responsibility, the energy flowing in the wrong direction reverses. Instead of overcoming the person with the influences from around them, they find Attunement with the source of creative power within them. That creative power flows out through their human capacity, bringing Attunement to their world.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Jane Anetrini
1 year ago

The love of the Divine never leaves. Consciously turn toward that and your vision changes. Choose to be a blessing in every circumstance. Don’t disregard the truth of yourself. There is no rest or relief insight if you do. “Believe in me”, something creative is afoot

Leia Meryt
1 year ago

Having the inherent wisdom to guide our choices as to where the rootlets allow us to travel is such a gift.
I ask myself : “How best may I serve dear Lord?”
There’s such a state of homeostasis when the guardian Angel acts in kind with the depth of our emotions that is the connective tissue within the silver cord.
I hadn’t heard this particular quote from Lloyd Arthur Meeker before.
Quite substantial and thought provoking.

1 year ago

This is the role of the mind as the guardian angel of the human experience. When it assumes this responsibility, the energy flowing in the wrong direction reverses.
So important for us to know and remember!

Carolyn G.
1 year ago

How insightful and, ultimately, helpful in the most practical sense. Thank you!

Miriam Platt
1 year ago

correction ….. wisdom that points ……

Miriam Platt
1 year ago

Thank you for the unpacking ! I am finding It takes conscious, deliberate intention to seat my awareness firmly in the verticle connection, in centredness , in presnce; different ways to describe a dynamic and it is a choice that I come bck to repeatedly. hence all the eisdom tht points to ‘now’ . I have come to appreciate that its a good way to employ warrior enegy ……..!

1 year ago

So much of my control on what I allow in. Thanks David

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