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This Week’s Quotation:

You begin to live and move and have your being in Deity. You begin to realize that the very fact that you are a focalization in consciousness means that all mind, above, below, around about, extending to the highest point of Deity, is a part of that mind which comes to focus in you, and that you have all mind back of you.

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker

Cosmic Mind

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

This quotation is from an Attunement class in 1953. I appreciate how Lloyd Arthur Meeker’s Attunement teaching contained mind-blowing messages such as this. Those messages have always underlined for me the part that the expansion of consciousness plays in learning to be an Attunement practitioner.

There is so much that comes into our thoughts as human beings. And then there are all the feelings associated with those thoughts. Sometimes, thoughts and feelings can flow in smaller and smaller circles, seemingly with no way out. We experience ourselves as “only human,” with no transcendent component to our life experience.

These words from 1953 invite the realization that whatever we experience as a human being, it is within the limitless reality of cosmic mind. And that we, ourselves, are a focalization of that reality.

Thinking these thoughts, and opening to this experience, awareness streams into me. I am illuminated with an intelligence from someplace beyond my immediate human experience.

I write these words with a high degree of certainty that you too—and all others who read these words—have had a similar experience. Is it not so?

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Karen Pritchard
Karen Pritchard
3 months ago

When we experience the realisation that our relationship with God is cellular we then know we are a part of God and therefore God/Goddess ourselves in the physical manifestation. The immensity of love we experience in that realisation expands our whole living into a Being experience and we become aware of being part of the above, the below the middle ground, the hell and the heaven – all things.

We grow in that moment of expansion of becoming it All. To be in a constant state of Deity can hardly ‘fit’ in today’s society unless you are willing to appear in awe of being the All dressed in glowing robes in a state of bliss filled wandering. Although that state is the most wonderful place to be in. I have tried it.

I liken the embodying of the Deity to this – be as a flower, be the seed, be watered, be earthed, be in love so that you grow in all the weathers wild, bend in the breeze, be torn by the storms and be soothed by the Sun and healed by the moon, be gentle with your fellow flora, be kind and give them space to grow into being love too. Above all grow in love because you love yourself dear cell of God.

A deity in this lifetime has to find its grounding you see – otherwise it’s glow blinds those who haven’t realised that they too are the perfect cell of God. Cosmic cells we are in the Multiverse, United forever growing from our beloved seeds into the tree of life’s implicit and perfect connection.

Thank You Uranda

3 months ago

This truly is so! In viewing all of creation there comes the knowing that we are alive beings here to create. We have a God-given choice to manifest the very essence of who we are, or not. If the choice is not, living is hell. Choosing to open to the wonder of all mind living within me, backing me, each one creates the all encompassing surround of beauty. There really is no choice except to honor and become that essence of the Creator who breathes us and beats our hearts.. So be it and it is!

Thank you David for your words and actions.

Carolyn Gruchy
Carolyn Gruchy
3 months ago

Yes, indeed! How wonderful to be reminded—and to once again open to the mind expansion of which you spoke.

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