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This Week’s Quotation:

We have had, as it were, little steps in illumination, this little step and that; but, while there has been gradual growth, there has not been the frequency of the outworking of Unit rebirth that I would like to have seen, that I have sought to inspire and that, I might say, could have been. But I cannot make it be so. Only as each one learns to “let” truly can these things work out effectively.

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker

The Frequency That Brings Rebirth

Oren Yakovee

What occurs in consciousness for you as you read these words? Lloyd Arthur Meeker was addressing these Attunement issues to people at Sunrise Ranch in 1949. But how are they relevant to us today?

And what does it mean to you to radiate the frequency of the outworking of the rebirth of the One Body? Or to emit the frequency of the Fire of Love? 

To radiate this frequency, you have to allow yourself to be energized by it and to emanate it to the world so that you are sounding the sound of God from every cell in your body and you are reverberating with all-encompassing love.

Can you imagine every cell in your body resonating with such a sound? As we each, as awake human beings, let it be so individually, we become aware that every cell of the One Body we are part of is vibrating with that frequency.

Knowing our collective field at this moment, we are coming to the autoignition point together, where the vibrational frequency that is available within any one of us is also available to each of us. We are raising our vibration together.

The energy of the heart rises in learning to let. Learning to let is a matter of receiving and reciprocating. It is embracing the Glory of Life and passing it on. It is receiving the Fire of Love and sharing it. It is being illuminated with the light from above and letting it shine through you. As that process is working fully in us, we are in a state of autoignition. We ignite spiritually without having to be inspired by someone else.

This ignition is transpiring through the heart. As our heart recognizes the Wonderful One Within who is the source of our Being, there is an energization of any limited states. This creates transformational energy, turning limitations to expansion, stress into joy, self-doubt into self-forgiveness, anger to understanding, complaint to gratitude, and confusion to clear answers. Our vibrational state rises as we transmute these human experiences through our experience of the eternal flame. The frequency we share with others activates our collective rebirth.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
3 months ago

What a wonderful invitation and inspiration you have offered, Oren, to keep our frequency at this high level and emanate a vibration of Love that is truly world transforming. I am strongly with you in this as we together with many others just let it be.

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