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Jerusalem relates to a state of consciousness and experience. There are two Jerusalems presumably: if there is a new one, there must be an old one—two possible states of consciousness. In the old Jerusalem, there is one state of consciousness with endless variations, so many variations that people are inclined to imagine that when they move from one variation to another, they are changing their state of consciousness. But that is not at all what is happening; it is all part of one state of consciousness. In the old Jerusalem, the city, there are many buildings, many crooked, twisting streets, steps going up and down—and a stink, incidentally—aptly symbolizing the state of consciousness that is known by human beings in the world the way it is. That’s one state of consciousness with many variations. But there is a new Jerusalem, a new state of consciousness, a new state of experience, which comes by reason of the sowing of the true seeds.

~ Martin Cecil


David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

When I was 16, I traveled from America to Israel and had the opportunity to stay for a week in a dormitory for young tourists in the Old City of Jerusalem. A dollar a night! It was a mad and wonderful adventure at a formative time in my life.

I can confirm what Martin asserts—it didn’t smell very good, at least not then. And yet, it was a wild, worldly adventure for a kid from a practically all-white community in Connecticut.

Since then, I’ve been learning the truth of what Martin said. Like most people, I’ve had a full-on exposure to old Jerusalem—the world as it is. I’ve lived in the heart of New York City and traveled the world for a multi-national corporation. I’ve had a myriad of close-up and personal engagements with old Jerusalem in my interactions with people in my life every day.

I’ve learned that there are endless permutations of the old. They are all different. And yet they are old—broken, scattered puzzle pieces of a world that don’t fit together.

Here’s what I’ve come to know. You can’t sort out old Jerusalem any more than the Middle East can agree on what should happen with the City of Jerusalem. Here is what you can do. You can open to new Jerusalem.

And what is that? The holistic pattern of life that is the promise and potential of us all. It is our birthright and our destiny. It is the source code of life.

New Jerusalem is the spiritual DNA of a human being. It is the spiritual DNA of humankind.

New Jerusalem is invisible. To most people, it is nothing. And yet it is everything. When we learn to open ourselves to it, New Jerusalem brings wholeness, love, and power. It contains seeds of life.

Attunement is the process that allows this invisible source code to enter human experience.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Anne Lise Bure
1 year ago

How wonderful to already know many who are awakening to the new state heavenly world our hearts and minds know is possible, which you call the New Jerusalem in this blog.
May many more hear it and open to this true pattern gifted to us all, and May we also find easy ways to transmit this good news to people near to us.
Thank you for your constant invitation to open to the inherent Source code.

Jane Anetrini
1 year ago

It is necessary to participate in the New Jerusalem to know it and build it. You can’t be a casual observer. When you participate and create it, you are a living invitation to all those willing to leave old Jerusalem behind. There may be things we still need to transform. We know better what they are as we welcome the source code and live into our birthright. We are born with the code encrypted in our being. From that place, we create the New Jerusalem

1 year ago

I was in Jerusalem in 1967 – not long after the 6-Day War. It didn’t smell at all. The streets were clean – it was an adventure of great proportions – my husband (who was Jewish) and I got to go into the Dome – and other than the guards – we were the only ones there. At the Wall – my husband paid homage – at that time – as a woman – more than just not Jewish – I was not allowed near the Wall. We stayed in a Catholic Monastery – and were turned around on our way to Bethlehem as the bus ahead of us had been blown up. I mention all this as when I think about it from time to time in retrospect – it seems like we were visiting a space ‘out of time’ – a place that seemed settled when in fact everything was in flux. The experience, the people, the sense of being there and feeling at times like we were just dreaming of being there – is something you just can’t forget – and you would never want to forget. A life Blessing.

Jerry Kvasnicka
1 year ago

I think that before I incarnated on earth in human form I was inoculated with the source code of life, and as I unveil it on earth I join with others who are doing this spiritual work in bringing the New Jerusalem, the Holy City, into human consciousness.

1 year ago

Thank you for that very unsightful meditation, soon one day I believe that people realize we are all one

1 year ago

What a profound statement of Truth lies within this blog! My openness to the newness of Life ever available through me, along with the very natural release of old thoughts, feelings, and experiences, leaves space in my capacity, for pristine presence, this flow of Life, this new Jerusalem you describe. In this way creation is inevitable moment by moment by moment.

1 year ago

Yes, I’m with you in welcoming a NEW Jerusalem while acknowledging the old … and in seeing a city as a word for design or pattern which can be in my own consciousness as brought from an invisible SOURCE CODE. May the new Jerusalem come forth from me as I rate this article 5. WITH YOU. Tom C.

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