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This Week’s Quotation:

Giving appreciation for whatever arises in our circumstances, appreciation for whatever comes to us by reason of other people or by reason of the situations that may be present, we do so with assurance.

We know whatever it is that comes to us is coming to us for a purpose, and so we assume responsibility for whatever purpose may emerge by reason of our handling of the circumstance, but there is assurance.

~ Martin Cecil

Giving Appreciation for Whatever Arises

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher and Author

Call it appreciation, gratitude, thankfulness, or something else. But however named, people with insight know that it is vital to the human experience.

I would call it “primal.” It has to do with a person’s faith—or assurance, as Martin named it—that they can receive what comes to them from out of their world and that it will be life-giving. But how? How do we accept what comes, even when it has ugly, destructive elements attached to it?

This is so foundational to a person’s attitude toward life and their stance in living. Without appreciation for what arises and confidence that they can deal with it creatively, a person ends up trying to reject what is and run from it. They imagine that there is something better somewhere else and at some time in the past or future.

Here is what I have come to know. The universe and the world is a good place. There is goodness to all things and all people. This doesn’t mean that it is all as I would like it to be. And it doesn’t deny human corruption. But at the core of it all is the flow of the power of the universe—universal love. So while I may have to find a way to deal with the corruption, there is power and potential within all people and all circumstances. And it is there for the fulfillment of what is good. I have faith in myself to see that goodness and to let it live.

This attitude lets the circle of life complete itself in my experience. It allows the fountain of life to flow, no longer blocked by me as it comes to me from out of the world. It opens up the Attunement current.

What is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
8 months ago

I believe it was Jesus who said, “Perfect love casts out fear.” To be cast out, fear must be welcomed in, which implies appreciation. So it is with everything that comes to us. Welcome and appreciation for it all allows us and the circumstance to be used for the purpose it came to us.

Irene deGroof
8 months ago


Thank you Martin Thank you David.

Eleftheria what is my second name, what means Freedom in Greek.

Kari Bye
Kari Bye
8 months ago

And what a difference a presence with this assurance can do, in any situation, to keep things moving.

8 months ago

This is a major requirement to find peace and allow love I believe – Giving Appreciation for Whatever ArisesLearning where our control truly lies – in our beliefs – in our attention to how we Be in the world – that is what makes all the difference.

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