A Pure Creative Field

This Week’s Quotation:

When there is a pure creative field, so that there are no harsh and arbitrary projections into it on the basis of the self-active expression of human minds, there is a cradle, so to speak, wherein a very delicate vibratory pattern is allowed to come into manifestation, something that approached or treated from an outer standpoint would be altogether too fragile to allow its manifestation, let alone any utilization of it.

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker

A Pure Creative Field

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

For any creative manifestation in human experience, there is a delicate field of essence at its point of initiation. It is sometimes experienced as a dream, a vision, or an idea. It is the invisible seed that is the potential for what might come into form.

This field of essence is the place from which all creativity is born in a human life. It is the beginning of all good things. It is the inspiration for a painting and the vision for an innovation to be brought to the world. It is the promise of the newborn child before they are conceived.

In the process of manifestation—whether it is a particular project, a certain facet of a person’s experience, or a person’s entire life—the essence becomes a feeling, a thought, and perhaps a plan. And then it takes on some kind of physical form—maybe a garden, a business, or a song.

The art of creation—the art of living a human life—is to never forget the essence out of which it is all being created.

Others might be unaware of that essence. They might ridicule you for placing your faith in it. That can’t matter. What has to matter to you is that you create a safe space in heart and mind where that essence can live.

You are the cradle where the essences of your life are held safe, the pure creative field where they thrive.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Leia Meryt
Leia Meryt
9 months ago

My my! I sure enjoy the depth of thought that these Attunement blogs conjure up.

Creation is initiated in the invisible as has been spoken of with the substance that is present before the beat of the heart.

The seed is planted in fertile ground, grounded in consciousness to be made manifest in the evolutionary stream of the Divine into physical form.

Recently there was reference made to the Fertile Crescent, and now to the cradle. The Cradle of Civilization. I see this as the One seed of Creation that we are living out in the Collective Body of which we each have a distinctive place to bring the Wonderful One into form, in the Spirit of Assurance.

The Pineal gland, is the seed housed between the brain hemispheres. The core of Mother Earth’s heart lies within her own hemispheres and she makes a sound we’ve named as the Schumann Resonance.
The sounding of the Tone in human function as brain and heart resonates with the Mother that holds us close, cradling us close in her womb, allowing for the continuous birthing of Creation, her crowning creation.

And then there’s the faith of creation contained in the mustard seed that enables devotion to be born in the present moment as the tree of life in the Fertile Crescent/ the Cradle of Civilization. The purity and innocence of Immaculate Conception, open to receiving the gift of the living Word as the Spirit of the New Earth is made manifest.

9 months ago

For any creative manifestation in human experience, there is a delicate field of essence at its point of initiation. It is sometimes experienced as a dream, a vision, or an idea. It is the invisible seed that is the potential for what might come into form.

So beautifully put – sending that out to the Field with Love and Light…..

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
9 months ago

With regard to that pure essence you write “it takes on some kind of physical form—maybe a garden, a business, or a song.” Before I plant my marigolds each year I hold them first as a feeling, a thought and a plan. I think this allows their ultimate manifestation in form to be more vibrant and healthier than they otherwise would be.

9 months ago

Beautiful. Thank you, David.

9 months ago

And, too, negative vibration can take hold through manifestation arising from lived experiences not chosen of/for/by self. One’s life becomes depressed as the fragile cradle becomes externally fractured time after time. Hopelessness lives separately in dichotomy to the positive vibration causing unrest in the soul. Some chose to abandon positive altogether while others struggle to find life. The mid-line between is static and the soul tumbles above and below on waves, cresting and crashing. Exhaustion expends self energies to polars.

Tom Cooper
9 months ago

Yes. Providing a cradle and not disturbing the one that others provide is so important. How often there are delicate tendrils and invisible factors which one could easily disrupt with self-activity. May all which is fragile, new, and only on the horizon be blessed. Martin spoke about “removing my shoes” before entering anyone else’s sacred space. SO BEIT. Thank you, David. Love, Tom

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