Why Does a Young Child Feel Happy?

This Week’s Quotation:

Why is it that a young child feels happy, feels satisfied, feels that life is good? Because life is being experienced. If you asked that child, “Well how is it that you are so happy?” the little mind couldn’t probably formulate any definition as to the reason, simply because it doesn’t know. It is an unconscious experience. Later, when the mind begins to develop, the individual thinks he knows: “It’s because of this thing over here, and that thing over there.” So he begins to try to get all these things: “If I have all these things, then I’m going to have satisfaction and fulfilment in life. Won’t it be wonderful?” But suddenly it all evaporates. Where did it go?

Martin Cecil

Why Does a Young Child Feel Happy?

David Karchere
David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

These comments of Martin remind me of my own childhood…swimming in the river behind my house, walking in the woods on the other side, hanging out with the children of the neighborhood where I grew up.

And then I reflect on my life today. I still live in a beautiful place—now Colorado, not Connecticut. I am still surrounded by nature. This week, the elk are bugling in the valley, and I see red-tailed hawks soaring overhead. 

But still, I notice that my adult mind can make me unhappy if I let it. It invents so many reasons for wishing circumstances would be some other way. Most of them seem logical enough. The problem is that they would all have me postpone happiness until I fix the issues my mental process comes up with.

Here is my simple remedy. Gratitude. In all things, give thanks.

I tell myself, Go ahead. Be an adult. Be responsible and creative in a way you couldn’t as a child. But never lose that happiness. That wonder! That simple enjoyment. Rejoice in life!

This is my meditation on this Monday morning. Perhaps you will join me in it. How do you reclaim your childlike joy?

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3 years ago

Child-like innocence, as an
adult, brings me to the passion of beauty and simplicity of creation; the trees, stars, rocks, water, clouds, wind, rain, snow, blue sky, speaking in Thy presence.. All of creation relishes the silent wonder of being. Oh! What beauty is present in being, that we may be here present in passionate love of presence with Thee.

Marilyn Manderson
Marilyn Manderson
3 years ago

I was reading the other day about people who never lose that childlike sparkle. And I was thinking of one thing for myself which brings that sparkle to the fore, and that is the simple joy of being fully in the moment…any moment. That level of presence in me as an adult allows and stimulates one to see the layers of beauty in one’s own heart, mind, and body and in the world around as I am open to it. Sharing that reality can have a huge impact on one’s world and the people in it.

3 years ago

As you said David, it is simple. Simply be thankful. Instantly my heart lights up with joy. Sometimes it takes a bit of time but ultimately thankfulness brings happiness. Be still and know. Thank you.

Caitlin Bean
Caitlin Bean
3 years ago

I reclaim my childlike joy by playing with animals, gardening, singing, dancing, and listening to music.

Jane F Anetrini
Jane F Anetrini
3 years ago

Be thankful in all things. There is much more going on than I see or understand. Look at all I have been given to play with

Kari Bye
Kari Bye
3 years ago

How do you reclaim your childlike joy?
Living here and now.
Being really present.
With gratitude.

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