Understanding Others in Transition

This Week’s Quotation:

If we ourselves are genuine in our attitude of moving through this transition period, of letting the darkness dissolve and the light come increasingly, then we may grant other people the same right. In other words, I am sure all of you who are sitting here in your genuineness are moving through this transition period, and nobody has the right to judge as to what should be appearing as you move through that transition period. There is inevitably a mixture and perhaps there may be something of a yo-yo experience back and forth; sometimes it is darker, sometimes a little lighter.

~ Martin Cecil

Understanding Others in Transition

David Karchere
David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

How much compassion are you willing to have for the people around you? Some are moving in a cycle of conscious attunement with the invisible spiritual forces within them. Others are moving through life without that conscious attunement.

It can feel frustrating to be a witness to another person’s ignorance. Or to see them make what appear to be mistakes. But as a favorite song of mine says, We’re all swimming to the other side. We are all part of a climactic transition for humankind that we don’t fully understand.

I have found that I don’t have to deny what I see happening for another person, even though I have to admit I may not fully understand it. And sometimes it is hard to watch, particularly when it is self-destructive or hurtful to others.

That’s where forgiveness and compassion come in. These conscious practices allow me, as an Attunement Practitioner, to assist—to give a potent energetic boost to the creative forces at work in that person’s experience.

Will you join me this week as I put forgiveness and compassion to work with the people in transition around me?

A Special Invitation

Are you someone who seeks to deepen their own experience of Attunement? And further their learning of the underlying principle and practices that make Attunement possible?

If you are, I am happy to share an opportunity to do just that. I am hosting an online Attunement conference with friends: Evoking the Power of Attunement.

We are offering this conference without charge. It will be an opportunity to meet others who share your passion for Attunement and be part of a powerful, uplifting energy field created by Attunement practitioners.

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What is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Kari Bye
Kari Bye
3 years ago

I am with you in putting to work forgiveness and compassion with the people in transition around us. Because we are all part of this transition that we don’t fully understand. And I am looking forward to the Attunement Conference to learn more.

3 years ago

I gladly join you David and others, putting forgiveness and compassion to work with the people in transition in my creative field, and that includes my own transitions that I am experiencing as we all ‘swim to the other side’ in this exciting and daunting adventure. This journey is assisting us to become masterful in our own unique giving of gifts without over-reach or under-performing.
We are blessed by this conscious practice and energy medicine for personal and collective spiritual regeneration. Thank you for the generous invitation to join the Global Conference.

Keahi Ewa
Keahi Ewa
3 years ago

I join you, in this week of thanksgiving in America, in putting forgiveness and compassion to work with the people in transition around me and also for myself. We are swimming together through the unfolding current. Let’s stay in the center of that current and follow through with the journey in joy and gratitude.

Marilyn Manderson
Marilyn Manderson
3 years ago

First of all thank you for this invitation to the Attunement event coming soon.
Bringing forward the matter of transition is so very timely. All of us I believe are in some stage of transition. Being ever more open to deep access to the core of one’s own presence inevitably brings forth change in feelings and thoughts which can then be reflected in my world/the world. In the past 24 hours I have viewed anew one particular situation in my world. How freeing it has been for both me and that situation! My mind tried to come in to judge the emerging change, my heart welcomed the “breath of fresh air” that the change represented. Remaining centered in attunement with the flow of Life allowed things to be made new in both heart and mind. Holding oneself and others consciously, with loving understanding as we move with and through these Life cycles sends a message of loving stability and strength to our world. This is how Life works! .Judgement of self or others is not part of the process. I am so grateful to be conscious of what allows things to be made new. Your words are such welcome confirmation.

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