Creating a Home for the Holy

This Week’s Quotation:

Blessed ones, until we have stability, stability revealed in thought and word and deed throughout the day, every day, day after day, we cannot be considered dependable instruments for God’s creative activity on earth. If you had an instrument that was supposed to be a camera, but somehow the mechanism had gotten mixed up, and you were never sure when you pressed the little button whether it was going to take a picture or shoot a bullet, it would not be a very satisfactory instrument, would it?

~ LLoyd Arthur Meeker

Creating a Home for the Holy

Sece Foster
Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Coach & Attunement Practitioner

Lloyd Meeker’s words echo profound truths that resonate deeply within me. They remind me that stability in thought, word, and deed isn’t just a lofty ideal—it’s the foundation upon which I build a sacred conduit for God’s creative energy on this earthly plane.

My journey toward embodying this stability has been a tapestry woven with threads of self-discovery and growth. When giving an Attunement, I am confident in my ability to open up my capacities and let Spirit flow through me. Yet, I’ve discovered that true sanctity extends far beyond these moments—it permeates every breath, every step, every heartbeat.

Each thought we entertain, every word we speak, and each action we take becomes a brushstroke painting on the canvas of our existence. It’s easy to see that collectively, we have further to go to create a masterpiece.

Meeker’s analogy of the camera is a poignant reminder of the power we hold within our intentions and expressions. Will we capture moments of grace, or will our words and deeds inadvertently sow seeds of discord? It’s a question that beckons us to journey inward, to explore the depths of our souls with humility and grace.

As I delve deeper into my inner landscape, I unearth hidden treasures and tangled vines of subconscious beliefs and judgments. These unseen layers, though invisible to the eye, shape the very atmosphere I inhabit, infusing it with love, compassion, and acceptance—or clouding it with shadows of doubt and fear.

So, let us embark on this sacred journey of self-discovery and transformation, hand in hand, heart to heart. In creating a home for the holy in every corner of our lives, we fulfill our divine purpose while weaving a tapestry of healing and upliftment for the world around us.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Howard Goodman
Howard Goodman
4 months ago

Thank you Sece for sharing your deeply conveyed experience with such a warm invitation to join together to know and provide the reliable consistent anchoring stability of our true Presence of love for our world. Namaste!

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
4 months ago

How true are your words, Sece, when you write “stability in thought, word, and deed isn’t just a lofty ideal—it’s the foundation upon which I build a sacred conduit for God’s creative energy on this earthly plane.” Astrologically I am a fixed earth sign so it is easy for me to recognize the profound importance of stability, and launch my expression in living from the ordering power of Love at the stable core of my being.

Cori Soles
Cori Soles
4 months ago

I have been considering this very thing. I think about the power within me in relationship to other people or circumstances and what am I doing with that power. Am I loving by degrees? Do I permit limitations on my power to love? Do I let subtle manipulation sneak into my expression of love? Every moment of recognition offers me an opportunity to shift. No self deprecation here…only awareness. Life continues to call me upward.

Tom Cooper
4 months ago

Yes, sece. Thank you. And stability for me is closely linked with consistency. It is hard for others to trust what is unstable or/and inconsistent so I need to deliver both. And I also want to recommend all else mentioned on this website including two day upcoming workshop later in March. Very best, Tom C.

4 months ago

What is so beautiful about a Home for the Holy is the beautiful assurance of caring for each other, responding without judgment, seeing each other as worthy, and knowing that we are One. Blessings All

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