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When there is a pure creative field, so that there are no harsh and arbitrary projections into it on the basis of the self-active expression of human minds, there is a cradle, so to speak, wherein a very delicate vibratory pattern is allowed to come into manifestation, something that approached or treated from an outer standpoint would be altogether too fragile to allow its manifestation, let alone any utilization of it. And in that very delicate creative field the patterns of manifestation begin to take form in the current of the spirit itself.

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker

A Cradle for Delicate Vibratory Patterns

David Karchere
David Karchere
Attunement Teacher and Author

A pure creative field… What would that even be? And a cradle for the very delicate beginnings of Creation, held by the human mind and heart?

At a physical level, miscarriages are far more common than we might think. Some estimate that 1 in 5 pregnancies ends that way.

But what about this more subtle level of our creativity where new thoughts, new relationships, and new projects are conceived and carried in our heart and mind? How often is it that the way we think and feel about such things doesn’t let them live and grow?

A recent meta-analysis by the evolutionary geneticist, William Richard Rice, shows that the mother is often unaware of either her pregnancy or her miscarriage at the time it occurs. Taking this into account, he asserts that most pregnancies end in miscarriage.

Might this be an allegory for the rest of our life? How often are we unaware of the beginning of something that would bring beauty and love into our lives? Do we hold safe and sacred the beginning of things so that they can manifest in the world?

Here is what I am promising to myself; that I will become more aware of holding precious and dear the delicate beginning of things—those gentle whisperings of the wind, the beautiful ideas that bring a smile to my face. I will allow the emerging patterns of the new that I don’t yet know or understand to be held safe, surrounded by the deep love of my soul. I will allow what is possible to born into the world through me. Will you join me in this practice?

What is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Mary Dixon
Mary Dixon
1 year ago

Very beautiful image. So delicate and precious. Such a great responsibility.

Rick Bischoff
Rick Bischoff
1 year ago

I will to the best of my ability hold safe and sacred the new, delicate beginnings.

1 year ago

What a precise and delicate entry into a soulful, creative, birthing time. I don’t believe I’ve ever considered, or been made aware of, the “creative process” in such an intimate, personal way. So in this now time/moment, I listen, I sense, I perceive—the sweet nuances and signs of the sacred emerging from the depths of my connected being. Amidst all the clamor and seeming disarray round about in my current life situation— lies the opportunity to hone by “midwifing” talents for the even greater good. I rest in knowing that the like minded attitudes and vision of my worldwide family surround me, as I surround them.

1 year ago

What a precious consideration. Holding sacred those things that are conceived “in the deep.” Such care needed.
I would have given this 5 stars but it seems to only go up to 4!
Thank you!

1 year ago

Miscarriage is quite common – and one never forgets it. This article is a very important reminder – How often are we unaware of the beginning of something that would bring beauty and love into our lives? Do we hold safe and sacred the beginning of things so that they can manifest in the world?

1 year ago

Dearest David!
What an awesome awareness of of a spark of new possibilities of coming into Life!
I recall a time of such an experience of a miscarriage. I was so sad and I grieved for that small gift of blood holding a possibility of a new baby.
Howerver, as time pasted I came to accept this loss as life moving the way that was to be.
Some 3 months later, we became pregnant with our healthy, vibratant daughter, Carla Daune.
These flashes of potential, I believe can return in another form and time space, with an enormous gift that becomes another gift to our world@
Thank you for this remembering!

Marilyn Manderson
1 year ago

Uranda’s, and your words, are such a breathe of fresh air! The acknowledgement of the desire to operate out of a new space, a new beginning, a new depth, a new breadth, in accessing spirit, and allowing follow through, out of that original space, is such a relief, even as I read the words. I delight to be deliberate and conscious of this clear and expansive reality going forward. Thank you!

Irene deGroof
1 year ago
Reply to  mmanderson


This time when I read this blog about Attunement , it was like You and Uranda spoke personally to me, I know there are more in this sacred cycle but that gives also an
awareness and feeling that more are holding the sacred cycle .I feel a new beginning is here in me and in Europe, and I am ready to explore if we can let the vibration of love reorder what need to happen here . Love Irene

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