Divine Motherhood

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Divine motherhood is the essential experience if that which is divine is to be brought forth. There have been some peculiar ideas developed in connection with divine motherhood. We sometimes hear about the Mother of God. What is really meant, if there is any meaning, centers in the means by which things divine are born on earth. The means by which things divine are born on earth is the Mother aspect of God in this creative cycle. There must be a mother if something is to be born. If that which is divine is to be born, to be brought forth in this realm of things, then Mother God must be on hand. The facility by which the birth takes place must be present. Very often, when creation is thought about as it relates to the beginning of things, those who believe in God think of a male somewhere–the Ancient of days–with great authority and presumably a magic wand. By using this magic wand He commands this and that to appear. If we have any ability to observe, we recognize that in the range of our awareness this isn’t the way things work. Creation takes place in various ways all around us, but it doesn’t occur simply on the basis of someone waving a magic wand. There are certain essential requirements which must be fulfilled if the creation is to occur. We have evidence of the nature of those requirements, and one of the aspects of this is seen in the fact that there is male and female. What we might speak of as the positive and negative aspects of the One Law are essential for the manifestation of creative cycles, the means by which anything is brought forth. If there is, for instance, someone who is referred to as the Father, in reference to God, there must be someone who is referred to as the Mother. Without Father and Mother, there is no creation. The Mother aspect, by which creation occurs, provides the means of creation. The magic wand relates perhaps to the Father aspect of creation, but without the Mother aspect the magic wand has no effect. There must be the channel through which creation appears. There is necessarily both Father God and Mother God.

~ Martin Cecil

Divine Motherhood

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

The natural pattern of conception, gestation, and birth offers an insightful, irrefutable allegory that portrays the process of creation throughout human culture. And without a mother, there is no birth. Without the mother principle at work in human experience, nothing new manifests.

For some people, there is a dawning realization of the divinity of a human being. Or people aspire to be an instrument of the Divine on earth. This is a foundation principle behind the Attunement process.

Martin’s words point to the fact that Creation, including healing, doesn’t rely only on the activating element of divine flow. It also relies on the receptive medium that receives that activation and responds to it—Divine Motherhood. Those two elements are the basis for the One Law, the foundation for Attunement practice.

So, for a person to practice Attunement, they have to consciously awaken to their role as the embodiment of the Mother of Creation. Yes, the Divine Mother is behind all things, holding all things, loving all things, constantly activated by the flow of the Divine. An Attunement can only be shared when the practitioner realizes that they are an instrument of the Divine Mother as a human being.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Anne Lise
Anne Lise
7 months ago

Thank you for beautifully expressing these thoughts, may we all grow and mature in birthing more of the Divine expression on Earth 🌍

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
7 months ago

We are here to create. This defines the very reason for our incarnation on earth. And creation requires both male and female, father and mother, Father God and Mother God. Thanks, Martin and David, for emphasizing this vital dimension of the Attunement process.

7 months ago

So beautifully put!! Thank you…

Tom Cooper
7 months ago

YES! Love, Tom Cooper

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