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Now, of course, human beings have been so busy reacting all over the place that they’ve had very little capacity remaining for response. The immediate attitude toward something that happens is almost invariably reaction: “Because this happened, I must do that; because someone said this, I must consequently behave in that manner.” Here we see confusion confounded. What needs to be brought to bear more directly into any such situation is not further reaction. If one has the habit of reaction it seems difficult not to react, but of course, one had oneself formed the habit of reaction. Creative action is always present, simply by reason of the fact that the angel is present in relationship to each person as long as life remains. So the creative action is there but not discerned by most because they are preoccupied with all their reactions. This is why the suggestion is made to give thanks, for instance, so that pause may be given to all the reactions. Just be thankful! And to the extent that a person takes such a suggestion seriously, he may pause from his reactions. He pauses from his reactions to give thanks. His attention is directed away from what he would habitually have done, so that there may be what is rightly referred to as a relaxing.

~ Martin Cecil

Give Thanks

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

Sometimes, spiritual platitudes can miss the profound complexities of what it means to live a creative life. There are so many cycles within cycles and wheels within wheels. Creative living involves a holistic system and systems within systems. Platitudes can trivialize all that is necessary to master these realities.

And still, understanding the limits of a simple saying, if you want one that can initiate all kinds of good things, here it is: Give thanks.

Remembering to cherish that it sets creative flow in motion. It welcomes what nourishes the soul. And that revitalization sets you up to participate in an outflow of blessing. And as Martin so aptly describes, it breaks a cycle of reaction.

Mental habit plays a crucial part in all this. The mind plays a role in patterns of reaction. And it plays a part in breaking those habits and starting new ones.

I can’t think of a better, simpler mental reminder to lead our thought process in a creative direction than this: Give thanks. The mental reminder then becomes an emotional reminder. And the emotional reminder becomes a spiritual reminder, bringing Attunement, and increased pleasure and fulfillment in life.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
8 months ago

The pressures of life can sometimes be very intense, and the habit of reacting to these pressures can be so ingrained. How wise and life-affirming it is to pause from reaction and resistance to simply give thanks for the learning opportunity the difficult circumstance is offering.

8 months ago

Give thanks. Yes!!!!

Giving thanks for All that has come before – all that is being created – our Community and all that comprise it past and present and future – we are blessed!!!!
8 months ago

DANK U WEL is rhe Dutsch way to say THANKS..
When I was in the 2 month class Bill Bahan gave us cards with Being Thankful on it.Great to be reminded again.He said also. When you are in a Jam, think of S.A.M Spirit, Attitude and Motivation.. Thanx Martin, Thanx David.and also I say Being Thankful to Bill Bahan again. Love Irene

8 months ago

Today was a perfect day to receive this timeless inspiration. Thank you Martin. Thank you so much David, for sharing it and your thoughts. I am so aware of the magic of action rather than reaction. With you in the heavens of creating a new world through my actions. Much love, Nadeja

Tom Cooper
8 months ago

Many thanks, David, and Martin. This is a new thought for me — that giving thanks breaks a cycle of reaction and gives pause. I have often given thanks for other reasons but I see what you mean – and what Martin means — about preventing reaction by relaxing into thanks. Very helpful. I’m very much up for DOING it, not just agreeing with you. Loving thanks, Tom

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