The Present Moment

This Week’s Quotation:

Why is it that most people wear themselves out? By the work they do? No, by mentally and emotionally doing things they cannot yet do (living in the future); by mentally and emotionally struggling with things about which they can do nothing (living in the past). No one is ever worn out or hurt in any way with the doing of that which is in the present moment if he allows himself to be focalized in this moment.

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker

The Present Moment

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

Here is what I know. Anything good that has ever transpired in my experience came out of me showing up to experience it. Being here. How about you?

As someone wrote recently, there is power in the present moment—the powers of life, of all creativity, Love, wisdom, and insight.

The magic of creation is in the here and now. What do you say we show up for that?

My dream is to create an experience with other people in which we do that together. We gather together in the present moment. As the gospel hymn puts it, we gather at the river—the fountain of life that flows from the source of all creation.

And where do we find it? In the magic of the here and now.

We know and share Attunement when we become supremely present together in this reality.

What is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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David Karchere

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Irene de Groof
3 years ago

Thanks David I sit here in the radiance of the Sun after my bicke ride,with my energy preparing for my CF group at 5. I say yes to the dream of Being all in the present moment to create together, a space to be heard and express the quality of the flow of LIFE. I share that with you. Kind thoughts Irene.

Howard Goodman
Howard Goodman
3 years ago

Yes! Thank you David. I am glad to engage with you fully present now, as I let the creative power in your message flow into my heart and mind, activating this creative reply in the immediacy of this moment! So good to share Attunement in One Life together!

Karen Pritchard
Karen Pritchard
3 years ago

I’ve been thinking of this part of our development in humanity are we here to drown, sink, die because in the eyes of God we are sinning more than ever as humans collectively ? Particularly this story of the great flood – are we evil?
Are we bound to perish? Never to live in Grace here? How can we rewrite this story where our world is not flooded in despair but in Hope, lovingly cellularly safe once more. There is a great cleanse happening, yet it has to be one of collective awakening and surviving the flood because of our own self spiritual determinations and evolved conscious strengths.

Water is not the symbol of Gods anger towards us in this time and this collective – is it?

When we are mindful and living in the present moment we do have the innate ability and strengths to gather collectively. Whether it’s through crisis points or through Love – the flowing river is a fabulous analogy as is the story of the great flood in contrast. So we need to create a new safe land without ego or control, where the new body of mankind can meet in mutuality and kind heartedness. Even in the hardest of floods we can be bouyed in Love for the survival of the development of the new humanity.

The Story of the Flood
Everyone except Noah, and perhaps his family, is evil. God wants to destroy them all and start over again, but since Noah is so good, he agrees to let him and his family survive. Then, by listening to God and obeying His orders, by building the ark and taking care of all those animals that crowd into it with him, Noah saves the day.

So they all get onto the ark, and the rains fall. The face of the Earth is covered with water. Everyone and everything that needs air to breathe and is not on the ark, drowns. Before the story ends, however, we have a moment of anxiety. The rain fall for so long. Then, once they stop, the waters still don’t recede. The raven goes out, the dove goes out, and neither find any trace of dry land. Will the food on the ark last long enough? Will God let Noah and his family perish? What is God thinking?

But finally, as the dove flies is sent off yet again, she brings back an olive branch. We have hope. Everything will be all right

3 years ago

As we gather at the River of the present it is vital that we gather in the understanding that each is present and willing in their ability to give their essence of being to the whole, whatever it may be in each moment.

3 years ago

Attunement is so amazing!!!

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