To Know

This Week’s Quotation:

To know something, we don’t need to be able to define it. This would probably be heresy in school, wouldn’t it? About the only way that a teacher can be sure that his students know is to have them define what they know. In a sense, if we know we do define it, but not in the usual fashion. Our knowing is defined in our living. Our living will reveal the extent of our knowing; however, it will only reveal the extent of our knowing to someone who also knows.

~ Martin Cecil

To Know

David Karchere
David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

I’ve recently been reflecting on the difference between knowing and knowledge. Knowing is a verb, while knowledge is a noun. Knowing is an ongoing process of discovery and exploration. Knowledge is a collection of thought-forms.

What I notice in many fields is that when people are fixated on the importance of a body of knowledge, they sometimes stop thinking. They can either believe that they have insufficient knowledge and so believe that they are unable to think. Or be so proud of themselves for how much knowledge they possess, and believe that is a substitute for thinking. In either case, they may end up not knowing what they really need to know in the field in which they are working.

This distinction between knowing and knowledge is vital to the Attunement practitioner. Some knowledge is helpful. It is good to possess an understanding of where the endocrine glands are. It is helpful to have been taught Attunement technique. But what is far more important is what the practitioner is knowing as they share the Attunement. In the energy exchange with the person receiving the Attunement, what are they finding? What do they know of the energetic frequency resonating through themselves? And what is being illuminated in consciousness in the sharing of the Attunement?

The Attunement experience is a living embodiment of what we are knowing as we offer the Attunement.

What is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Nadeja Gerasimow
2 years ago

Many years ago when I was learning how to share attunement, I was amazed by the teacher’s knowing. I asked “how do you know?” The answer was “practice”.. It made sense to me. As we practice the art of living in attunement we come to know. Experience brings knowing. Being with others who know, is nourishing for each other and provides radiance for our world. Thank you David. It is an honour to be part of the attunement community on earth.

Kari Bye
2 years ago

I have had knowledge about attunement for decades. The true extent of my knowing, is only now beginning to be revealed. Thank you, David, for all you have shared for me to participate in this Winter!

Oren Yakovee
Oren Yakovee
2 years ago

Thank you very much David. Knowing, living, loving and serving.

2 years ago

I love the consideration of the difference between Knowing and Knowledge – knowledge can really trip us up if we don’t look for that coherence between heart and mind – taking a look at what we think we know for sure – can be a real journey…..

Marja Pretzer
2 years ago

Very timely and needed right now, thank you again💜

Rick Bischoff
2 years ago

I hope I didn’t post this twice. I am so grateful that David points out the difference between knowing and knowledge. It makes total sense and I love this community.

Jane Anetrini
2 years ago

Martin’s and your insight is so valuable, David. It brings a relaxation to the mind so it may be filled with the light of knowing and let go of the cultural imposition of measuring a body of knowledge, a memorization of information as a measure of importance. Learning things is important. You better know about electricity before you decide to work on an electrical outlet, or know how to fly a plane if you want to be a pilot.
Our knowing is demonstrated in our living. A good question to ask is “what am I revealing that I know today?”

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