True Greatness

This Week’s Quotation:

Down through the ages there have been two types of greatness, exemplified on the one hand by individuals who elevated themselves to places of power and authority and wealth on the blood and sweat and tears of those who were compelled to serve their masters’ ends; and on the other hand we have that greatness which is exemplified by those individuals who without reservation gave themselves to ideals and purposes which they conceived to be greater than themselves and in which they inspired faith, confidence and self-sacrifice in the hearts and minds and lives of the millions who struggle to throw off the chains of bondage, that they may rise to the stature of men and women created in the image and likeness of God. In the human sense all men are created equal, but the worth of the individual life in relationship to humanity and before God is determined by the ideal to which the individual gives himself and the degree to which that self-dedication causes him to utilize the fulness of his talents and potentialities in the achievement of that ideal. Regardless of color or race, he who uses his potentialities and his opportunities in the service of a worthy ideal is great, whether he appears to be so or not on the basis of the old world’s standard of evaluation.

~ Lloyd Arthur Meeker

True Greatness

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

Are there people you admire greatly? For me, there are.

The people I admire dedicate themselves to a life of service to others with an acknowledgment of the worth and the divine origin of all people. They are people of service, like the ones described in this excerpt above. To me, this is what makes true greatness.

That kind of dedication ennobles a person. It affirms and amplifies their worth and deepens their Attunement with the creative source within them.

Are you a person like that? As a reader of this blog, I suspect you are. If so, I encourage you to feel the appreciation and blessing that is there for you from the world of Reality. If others who don’t live their life with that devotion don’t see you for who you are, don’t worry about it. Just receive the love of the universe for one of its own.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Sam McKune
1 year ago

……yes, …..”just receive The Love of The Universe as one of its own.”……immediately, a passage from The Desiderata comes to mind :

” … are a child of The Universe no less than the stars and the trees, you have a right to be here….”……

……and each one could say these profoundly wise words, if they had a mind to…..

So, thank you……

1 year ago

I am so with you in this – thank you!!!
The people I admire dedicate themselves to a life of service to others with an acknowledgment of the worth and the divine origin of all people. They are people of service, like the ones described in this excerpt above. To me, this is what makes true greatness.

Jerry Kvasnicka
1 year ago

True greatness is often assumed to consist of worldly achievement and the realization of human ambition. Thanks for making it so clear that greatness is actually found in a life of service to the Creator and one’s fellow human angels.

Jane Anetrini
1 year ago

What a great invitation, David, “receive the love of the universe for one of its own”. Lit up by love and backed up by the universe!

Sam McKune
1 year ago

Happy to join with you in Universal Love, sharing The Work of Creative Living to the best of my ability . Thank You.

Anne Lise
1 year ago

Thank you, and for another inspiring blog.

May we put this blog on our Gate House website ?

1 year ago

I am greatly appreciative of your words, David, and the words of Uranda. Our mission is one of noble living and this requires surrender of selfhood in discovery of the divine origin within, and in all others. That is done in the realization through living, moment by moment, of a worthy life of the highest fulfillment of being a blessing, being worthy and a blessing to all. A true devotion, a true commitment to true reality does require, by choice, a complete surrender to what true being is, receiving and giving, receiving and giving. This doesn’t always go in expectation of outcome, that is not purposeful. What is purposeful is the devotion and commitment to fulfill the design, as created of a life of purposeful living.

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