“We get more of what we pay attention to.”

This was stated in a workshop recently. It underlines the value of being conscious of where my response is going and what I am attuned to.

Recently, I decided to extend an edging of rocks for a long flower bed, but the area where I live is not rocky, so where would I find more rocks? I began to watch for them on our daily walks in the country, and did find one or two. Gradually over several months, I began to notice many more, even though we were walking through the same area. I found I could be enjoying the changing scenery and conversation while also scanning for rocks. Often just the right size and shape would be sitting there like a gift. Why didn’t I see those rocks before?

While I don’t plan to always be scanning for rocks, I will remember that what I was focusing on brought the increase of it. I have often had a more negative experience of this, such as focusing on what irritates me, thus generating even more irritation. It can sometimes seem easier to pay attention to the negative!

The dynamic of what I pay attention to is crucial when giving an Attunement. One definition of attune is “to bring into harmony or agreement,” or “at tune.” When I share an attunement with another person, we are both available to let their world, including body, mind and heart, be more completely in harmony with Creation. It is this larger context which lets any imbalance or lack be brought into harmony.

Frequently, when a person receives their first Attunement, they will ask afterwards, “Well, what did you find?” as if they expect to have a diagnosis of some problem. My attitude is that whatever imbalance may be present, it will change as we let it be held in a consciousness of wholeness. In fact, I have found that when I do hold that consciousness, rather than it being a bland cloud of good intention, intimations of possibility come to mind. I see some aspect of what I am doing in a new way, or a phrase comes into focus. A prayer may unfold in my heart as I work with the energy. Sometimes the power and beauty of the person’s Being has been touched, and I literally step back in wonder. So if a person asks “What did you find?” one answer could be “Wonder.”

So, what do I want more of? I may say “world peace,” but if my attention is attracted to conflict and lack, it isn’t likely that peace will be experienced. It can be valuable to be conscious of the direction of our attention, not as some kind of manipulation of our self, others or the world, but as a way of staying at tune, in agreement with the universe. Then the wonders form!

– Barbara Duff

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