The Blessing of Our Ancestors

This Week’s Quotation:

Blessings to all who went before me: to my blood ancestors and to those great ones who walked before me in the way that I travel today. I honor your heart. I honor your spirit. I treasure the pulse of Creation you carried and passed on to me. I receive the great love that inspired your life. I am marked by your blessing.

I do not have to judge you as perfect to be grateful. I forgive any limitations you endured and allow them to fade into the past. I am proud to be your descendant. I feel your blessing upon me.

~ Attunement Card 16, David Karchere

The Blessing of Our Ancestors

David Karchere
Attunement Teacher & Author

On Saturday, we conducted an Energy Medicine Conference at Sunrise Ranch. There was a confluence of people practicing many different forms of energy medicine—Reiki, Sukyo Mahikari, and Ontology, to name of few.

A doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from Fort Collins, Robin DiPasquale, spoke at the conference. She introduced us to Hellinger Family Constellations work.

The founder of the practice, Bert Hellinger, lived as a Jesuit priest in South Africa with the Zulu people. Through that experience, he gained appreciation for the Zulu worldview, especially their understanding of the significance of our relationship with our ancestors. After 16 years, Hellinger returned to Germany and began to develop what became Family Constellations.

Family Constellations have people portraying the pattern of the family, including ancestors, in a constellation in the room. Physicists have described the method as quantum mysticism. The practitioner seeks an intuitive understanding and a resolution to system entanglements the participant inherits from family members.

What does this have to do with Attunement?

Attunement practitioners work with the patterns that have formed in the auric field, which practitioners call pneumaplasm. These patterns are inherited from out of the past, from our own life history, from culture, and from our ancestry. These are morphic fields, as biologist Rupert Sheldrake described them.

It can seem overwhelming, can’t it? What is a person supposed to do with all these patterns, which are hidden from most people?

My answer to this is simple, as represented in the Attunement Cards. As with everything in life, gratitude for others is the key. This is not based on ignorance of other people’s faults. It is deliberately setting aside any flaws or limitations of others so that we can welcome and embrace what is true of them.

This attitude toward family members and ancestors profoundly affects the morphic field that shapes the unfoldment of a person’s life. As we offer a blessing to our ancestors, we find we receive a blessing that flows through us to our world.

What Is Attunement?

Attunement is a consciousness practice and an energy medicine practice that leads to personal spiritual regeneration.

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Robin DiPasquale
1 year ago

A beautiful brief summary of family constellation work, David. The weaving of the pneuaplasm in attunement and the morphogenic field in constellation work brings us back to our ancestors and all that happened behind us. The ancestral blessing from Attunement Card 16 invites us to honor what has been, and to step more fully into our place.

Leia Meryt
Leia Meryt
1 year ago

Thank you for this Attunement meditation. It touches a deep remembering of the threads of connection; humanly speaking as well as Spiritual.
I am familiar with the family constellation experience, having participated in a weekend workshop in Durango several years ago.
As I think of family constellation in this day, I recognize the substance that is present as a legacy in me. Also, as you eloquently articulated it, David, such a spirt of gratitude for what has gone before with mentors, friends and comrades in agreement of our life purpose.

As I am the Sun, the family of man and woman constellates with me in a conscious way. There is a sea of star substance that becomes cosmic consciousness in a practical manner because of my presence on earth.

There has never been this same opportunity for us to constellate together as is present in the accumulated substance that is here for us to participate wholly in right now.

Many of us have grown up together as spiritual siblings, having gone through many generations of such a variety of interactions and world views that included judgment of one another. As the Sun, I shine the the brightest light of conscious awareness that all things are made new. The vision is the experience of the Single Eye, steadfast and focused, compassionate, loving and kind.

There is the eternal flame of love so abundantly present. Following that light, one becomes it!

1 year ago

Thank you, David. This is beautiful and so true. I bless and thank those ancestors and mentors who have the shoulders on which I stand, and for their unique experiences which I take in to my soul whether I recognize it or not.
To be grateful for all life and the sharing of our soul’s truth and wisdom keeps me focused on Unity and Love.
1 year ago

To be so in touch with your words and the blessing for all what went before. My ancesters and the teachers in my Life ,I am so thankful.To know were I came from and to accept that totally ,to be in Attunement keep on holding and breathing, and be the inspiratie. Thank You David..

1 year ago

The presence of our ancestors are many in our worlds of being. What they gave was a calling forth of our beings of presence, bringing each of us to our time in this moment, of our conscious giving of love, presence and wisdom. Be they Mother/Father, sister/brother, Grand Parent, or one who saw the beauty within us and encouraged our coming forth, to keep coming. Thank you, David, for your presence in the calling forth.

1 year ago

Jerry – -thank you for that beautiful idea – I always say that I won the ‘Parents Lotteryt’ – and my brother as well who has also crossed the Rainbow Bridge – a Veteran of Viet Nam and Afghanistan. I have a family of deep hearts and beautiful souls – they are Eternal Blessings to me.

Jerry Kvasnicka
Jerry Kvasnicka
1 year ago

I can think of many ancestors who have offered directly or indirectly a blessing to me, but especially my own parents who lived lives of such integrity and generosity. Every night I spend time before a picture that was taken of them on their 50th wedding anniversary. Pouring out my gratitude to them each night so powerfully enriches my own creative field.

Tom Cooper
1 year ago

Bravo, Hellinger, DiPasquale, Attunement cards, and above all, gratitude. … my gratitude to you, David, and to all those you mentioned providing energy medicine of many names yet one Spirit. Thankfulness reigns. Love, Tom C.

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